6 Most Essential Badminton Beginner Mistakes And How To Overcome

Badminton is one of the most beginner-friendly sports of all time, has been played by most people in their life. As badminton is a game of such simple concept therefore many people most of the time overlook a lot of basic mistakes that affects their game a great deal.

It is very important for any player to know the basic techniques of the game to avoid mistakes therefore making the game more interesting and enjoyable to play. There are a lot of mistakes that are often made by new players but some among those are most common and looked over easily. You can buy best badminton under 1500 inr from Amazon.

The 6 most important mistakes done by beginners and how to avoid them:

Grip being too weak:

The first and foremost basic technique of playing badminton is to have a strong grip. This mistake is often made by professional players as well. Player tries to hold the racket in the way they feel comfortable and not in a professional way therefore making their performance in the match extremely disappointing.

How to overcome:

There is a lot of proper way of having a grip on the racket. The way to get habituated to these grips is a regular practice rather than trying to change the grip according to your comfort level. Doing so will affect your game in the worst way reducing your performance quality. The techniques of having a grip on the racket are for a reason and changing it for comfort is useless or rather harmful for the game.

Holding the racket too tight:

This is another most common mistake done by beginners and overlooked easily. Most beginners dose the mistake of having a grip on the racket that is way too tight than needed. The basic thought behind this is that the players think that holding on the racket extremely tight will help them get a power shot without letting the racket slipping out of hand. Unfortunately, this only results in extreme drainage of energy and hand strength in just holding the racket therefore reducing the arm strength when needed to actually hit.

How to overcome:

The only way to overcome this mistake is to practice the perfect grips of badminton before playing therefore having the knowledge of the exact amount of pressure needed to apply on the racket.

Illegal Serves from the player

The last thing any sportsperson would want is to get an illegal serve. Beginners most of the time tend to move a little too slowly which results in illegal serving which happens when the point of contact is above the permitted height that is below the lower rib.

How to overcome:

The best way to rectify this mistake is to observe other players and learn from their mistakes. Also, make sure to practice in front of your coach to make sure about the legal point.

Smashing too hard:

Smashing too hard for a shot might seem like a nice way to get your opponent to hit weaker shots but this technique might backfire in no time as there is no particular direction the shit will go. Also this technique leave the player out of breath very quickly as they drain all their energy in swinging the racket for the shot.

How to overcome:

To overcome these mistakes the players must use the proper method of using the racket therefore determining the exact perfect force and strength needed to give the proper winning shot. The way a player has the grip on his racket ensures the proper amount of force needed to hit a shot.

The serve received incorrectly:

The worst strategy while playing this game is a poor reception of the serve. Most of the beginners always attempt a clear shot while receiving a serve. This gives your opponent a chance to hit a driving shot. Also, you lose the opportunity to smash as well as confuse your opponent.

How to overcome:

This mistake can be overcome by regular practice therefore increasing the confidence in your body movement as well as great control on the speed of the shuttlecock and help u execute it with proper power with ease. Therefore you should try smashing a service or hitting other shots which will be much more effective to leave your opponent struggling for an attack.


Any new game does brings in demotivation as you are an amateur and feel like each and everyone around you is far better. Which is quite natural to feel but this feeling should be used as an advantage and not to get depressed. Most of the new players do get depressed by this fact leading to their performance getting worse with each day.

How to overcome:

The best way to cope up with it is to learn from your failures and observe the better players to improve your playing techniques.

It is for sure that the provided information will help a badminton player at the beginning stage of their carrier.

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