Best Vessels For Cooking in India 2022

Cooking a delicious and nutritious meal not only depends upon the ingredients and cooking style. The cookware vessels that you use to cook for your loved ones greatly impacts the food that you prepare. The modern Indian millennials do not necessarily pay attention to the vessels that they use to prepare their meal and it should change.

Best Vessel For Cooking

Cookware vessels are available in various materials and forms so it may be tough to choose the right one that suits your cooking style. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best cookware vessels available in the market that you can buy with a brief buying guide.

1) Amazon Brand Solimo Stainless Steel Cookware

Amazon Brand - Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Dutch Oven with Glass Lid (20cm, 3 litres)

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The Amazon Brand Solimo cookware is made from 100 % food-grade stainless steel, making it safe for everyday cooking. With a heavy induction bottom of 0.6 mm in thickness, you can use this cookware with your induction cooktop or gas stove. The handles are made of bakelite and it makes it easy for you to handle the cookware. There is also a bakelite knob present on the glass lid, so you can open it easily while cooking.

The glass transparent lid top makes it easy for you to check on the food without opening the lid every time. With a capacity of 3.25 liters, this is one of the best cookware vessels for preparing Indian meal.


  • The bakelite handle and knob with stainless steel build gives it a long life.
  • The heavy-gauge thick stainless steel bottom makes it easy to work with any type of stove.

2) Pigeon By Stovecraft Aluminum Cookware Set

Pigeon Basics Non stick Aluminium Non Induction Base Cookware set, including Nonstick Dosa Tawa, Nonstick Kadai With Glass Lid, and Nonstick Frying Pan, (Pink)

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Kitchen utensils from Pigeon are the most reputed in India as they are known for making quality products. This cookware set from Pigeon is made of Aluminum and features some useful technologies to make your cooking a bit easier. The pure coat technology present in this set makes the utensils smoother to use and easy to wash.

The spiral bottom of this cookware set has been scientifically developed to ensure even heating for good results. With a good one-year manufacturing warranty, you get a good set of kitchen utensils for great cooking with this buy.


  • This set from Pigeon is PFOA free i.e it is non-toxic and lightweight.
  • Made out of Italian technology, this set has high strength and great flexibility.

3) Craftsman India Clay Pot Combo

Craftsman India online Pottery Earthen Kadai/Clay Pots Combo for Cooking Pre-Seasoned (Black, 1, 2, 3 L), 32 cm

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To get the authentic flavor in Indian traditional meals, you would need a clay pot cooking vessel and the clay pot sets from Craftsman is one of the best in the market. You get all the benefits of cooking with clay such as good mineral content, authentic taste, etc in your meal with this set. Cooking in this pot also helps to neutralize the pH level of the food.

This clay pot set from Craftsman has high strength and durability as more sand is added in its preparation. To get good flavor and taste on your meal, there is no better pot than this one from Craftsman.


  • There are no harmful chemicals with this clay set.
  • The porous nature of the clay allows the heat to spread evenly.

4) Limbakshit Stainless Steel Cooking Pots

LIMBAKSHIT - Stainless Steel Grill Pan with Wooden Handle Barbecue Roti Roast Grill Papad Roaster Chapati Toast and Paneer Tandoori Grill Stand (Big,Silver)

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You get a set of four stainless steel vessels with this buy from Limbakshit. This thick stainless steel vessel has a copper base for long-lasting durability. The smart design of these vessels provides even heat distribution while cooking. You get meals that are cooked to perfection with this vessel. The mirror polish of the vessels makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. At an affordable price, you get beautiful cooking vessels in different sizes that will be sufficient for all your cooking needs.


  • This smart cooking vessel can also be used as a serving pot.
  • The cooper base of these vessels gives it long-lasting durability.

5) Kesar Kunj Heavy Brass Vessel

KESAR KUNJ Heavy Weight Brass Kadhai kadai (Gold, 10 x 10 x 3.5 Inches, 2500 ml)

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BrassĀ  vessels are not common now, but they give unique flavor and long lasting durability that no other materials provide. This brass vessel from Kesar Kunj comes at 3.5 inch in height and 10 inches in diameter. With a 2.5 liters of capacity, you can cook prepare for all your family members using this vessel.

The brass material of this vessel makes it highly durable along with giving it a good ethnic look. You get a good cooking vessel that gives you the authentic Indian flavor with this buy from Kesar Kunj.


  • The brass material of this vessel is hygienic to use and easy to clean.
  • It has a high capacity to cook for medium to large families.

6) Vinod Stainless Steel Vessel

Vinod Stainless Steel 2 Tier Steamer with Glass Lid- 18cm (Induction Friendly)

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This set of two cooking vessels from Vinod has a thick aluminum core with sandwich bottom technology to prevent food from getting burnt. The stainless steel sides of this vessel make it look good and premium. The tempered glass lid makes it easy for you to check up on the food without removing the lid every time.

This induction friendly vessel from Vinod is also easy to clean. With an excellent two-year manufacturing warranty, you get a good cooking vessel set with this buy from Vinod.


  • The glass lid has a steam release vent.
  • It is suitable for cooking steaming assorted delicacies.

Buying Guide for Cookware Vessels.

Some things to keep in mind when buying a cookware vessel are,

Material Type

There are many materials of cookware present in the market and you should choose the right one based on the cooking style of the food. For foods that require sauteing, you should choose an aluminum vessel as it transfers the heat quickly. A stainless steel vessel gives you high durability and is perfect for browning and braising. A copper vessel provides quick heating so it is also perfect for sauteing and deep frying. Non-stick cookware is also becoming popular now, so you can choose this type for cooking meals that require less oil and can easily stick with the vessel.


The size of the cookware vessel mainly depends upon the members present in your family. If you have a family with three to four members, then a vessel with 2.5 to 3 liters of capacity will be fine. Based on the members, you can choose the size of the vessel during your purchase.

Handle Type

The handle type present on the vessels also varies based on the pots. A pot with a plastic handle costs less but is easily broken. Plastic handle vessels are also not suitable to be cooked in an oven. Vessels with bakelite and wooden handles have high durability and resists heat much. So based on your budget and preference, you can choose the handle type on your vessel.

Glass Lids

Vessels with glass lids allow you to see what’s inside the oven without the need to lift it off. It is useful for cooking cause the steam escapes when you lift off the lid so the food spoils a bit. But a vessel with a glass lid adds some weight and might break easily. You have to choose a vessel with or without a glass lid solely on your preference.


Choosing a good cookware vessel is essential to prepare a great meal. The above-listed are some of the best cookware sets present in the market to get a good and healthy meal. We hope that this post along with the brief buying guide helps you in getting the perfect cooking vessel.

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