Top 5 Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

It is the desire of everyone to look good, and we know it is possible. These days, people want to look their best, but they do not know how to go about it. For men, looking good does not boil down to clothes and accessories. As a man, you could adorn nice wears, but your facial hair has a great role to play in determining how complete you look.

Typically, women prefer men who keep nice-shaved beards than those who do not pay attention to theirs. A good number of men now imbibe this mentality, and this is why there is a grown demand for beard tidying products.

In the world and India today, trimmer has become the number one facial product for men. For men who know their way around its usage, having a trimmer saves you frequent trips to the salon.

This piece shows you some of the best Trimmers under 1000 in India and what you need know:

Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India

1) Philips QT3310/15

Philips Qt3310

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On the list of best trimmers under 1000s in India. It has a stylish design, and it is very convenient to hold. This product makes trimming effortless to perform, and it promotes long usage.

The Philips QT3310/15 has 10 lengths settings varying from 1mm to 10mm. If you need a clean shave, then with a trim of 0.5mm, you can get one. You can use this trimmer for 30 minutes, after using for a full-charge for 8 hours.

This trimmer can be powered with a power bank, smartphone charger and laptop. Also, this trimmer comes with a stainless steel blade, having a round tip design that cannot hurt your skin.


  • Trimming range of 1mm to 10mm
  • Head is washable; product is not waterproof
  • Used for grooming moustache and beards
  • Comes with LED light and USB charging
  • 8 hours charge for 30 minutes use
  • 2 + 1 year warranty


  • It comes with a quality build
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It has USB charging
  • This trimmer comes with 10 length settings
  • The battery life is amazing


  • It is quite expensive

2) Syska UltraTrim HT800

Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer

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If you take a thorough look at the design front of this product, it looks similar to the Philips series trimmers. This trimmer has distinct lines and sharp-pointed curves which gives a first-class feel. The Syska Ultra Trim comes with rounded contours that give an outstanding grip and makes the overall use of this trimmer an exciting experience.

One of the most awesome qualities of this trimmer is, it has a wide trimming range of 0.5mm to 10mm, having 20 various length adjustments. There is a knob that makes this purpose easy.

If you register the product online, you are entitled to a year warranty, in addition to the two years warranty.

If you need an affordable trimmer that prevents you from breaking the bank, then this product is all you need. This trimmer gives you a broad variety of skin-pleasant trimmer.


  • Trimming range of 0.5 to 10mm
  • It is not waterproof
  • Suitable for moustache, beard and body grooming
  • LED light for battery level
  • 7/8 hours charge for 30 minutes use
  • 2 years warrant + 1 additional year for registered products online


  • It has a solid build
  • It comes with 20 length settings
  • It has LED status light
  • It comes with a sharp blade
  • It gives you good value for your money


  • It is quite noisy

3) Mi Beard Trimmer

Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

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This trimmer has impressed everyone with the mouth-watering features and assertive pricing. The design front does not give you an instant idea of how proficient this trimmer is. This trimmer is IPX7 rated, so it can be washed with water without facing any consequence.

There are 40 settings in total that can be adjusted in .5mm precision phases. You can decide to opt for any length between 0.5-20mm.

The blades are very sharp, and they can sharpen themselves. Using this trimmer comes with no issue, and the blade can be easily removed and affixed. If the blade develops a problem in the future, it can be easily replaced.

There is a provision for charging this trimmer using a power bank or your phone’s charger. Charging for free takes 2 hours, and it can be used without a cord for 80 minutes. If you are in a haste, you can use the trimmer while charging.


  • Trimming range of 0.5 to 10mm
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for Moustache and Beard
  • Travel look, IPX7 waterproof and USB charging
  • 8 hours charge for 2 hours use
  • 1 year warranty


  • It has a stylish design
  • It is very powerful
  • It comes with USB charging
  • It has storage pouch
  • There are 20 length settings
  • It can be conveniently used with cord and without cord


  • There is no microUSB port

4) Philips BT1215

Philips BT1215

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The Philips BT1215 has a good-looking black color. It is beautiful having a build quality. This trimmer comes with four various combs which includes: 7mm, 5mm, 3mm and 1mm. If you want to use a 0.5mm clean shave, you do not need a comb.

One of the major features of this trimmer is the battery life which is very encouraging. A full charge of a trimmer takes 7-8 hours, and you can use it without a cord for 50 minutes.

Also, it comes with a very sharp blade that can be self-sharpened. This trimmer is not waterproof, so you need to handle it properly around water.

You can easily take out the blade, and fix it back in its place. One of the best ways to care for this blade is to slightly wipe with water or with a brush.

This trimmer has a good battery life and it is recommended for those who travel frequently.


  • Trimming range: 0.5mm, 3mm, 5mm
  • It is not waterproof, but the head can be washed
  • It is suitable for Moustache, Beard and Body grooming
  • It has a travel-look
  • There is LED-light and USB charging
  • 2 + 1 years warranty


  • It has a stylish design
  • It comes with USB charging
  • The battery life is amazing
  • The blade can be self-sharpened
  • It has a compact size and it is lightweight


  • There are only five length settings

5) Nova NHT 1088 40 Trim Settings

Nova NHT 1088

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This trimmer is the ideal combination of performance and design. It has a stylish design and the performance is top-notch. It comes with a 40 length setting which is one of the major highlights of this trimmer.

This trimmer works silently, and the effect of the vibration is minimal. The entire package also comes with enhanced Titanium blades, which makes shaving very comfortable.

There are 40 various length settings from 0.5mm to 20mm settings. You can get a clean shave with 0.5mm settings.

The full charge lasts for 2-3hours and after this, you can use this trimmer for 90 minutes without the cord. There is a USB port and a prompt charge aid.

When compared with other trimmers, you will see that the function is top-notch for that price range. There is also a storage pouch, and it comes with two-year warranty.


  • 20 length settings
  • Product is not waterproof
  • Suitable for Beard, Body and Moustache grooming
  • Titanium-glazed blade and LED light
  • 8 hours charge for 90 minutes use
  • 2-years warranty


  • Affordable
  • Availability of storage cover
  • The performance is good
  • It charges quickly
  • There is a 40 length settings
  • Presence of USB charging


  • The entire trimmer is not waterproof

Buying Guide For Best Trimmers

Selecting a trimmer is not a difficult task as most people perceive it to be. However, it is necessary to know some basic factors that will help you make a good choice when buying a trimmer.

Price: Many hair trimmers look alike, but they differ in their price. The reason for this is, they have features with varying functionality. So, your budget alongside your personal requirements will assist you in determining the type of trimmer to opt for.

For personal requirements, men who have shorter hair would prefer to go for a clipper that has a reduced price. Also, people who intend using a clipper for long, or they have thicker hair, might be willing to spend more on a trimmer.

After knowing what you want, it is important to come up with a budget within the requirement of a trimmer. If you do your research well, you can get a proficient trimmer that has lots of accessories for a low price.

Weight: Another important factor to note when buying a trimmer is the weight. This is an essential factor because the course of trimming involves the hands. The hands would be stretched out for some minutes at a particular instance. In due time, this causes the wrist to be strained. Hence, if a trimmer is heavy, it would be difficult to use for a long period of time.

A trimmer that is used regularly needs to be lightweight and effortlessly easy to handle. It is possible to see two models of distinct brands, might have the exact features. However, they can have various weights.

Power: In this case, another name for power is quality. This is another integral determining factor. A hair trimmer that performs optimally would coast across thick hair noiselessly. If you notice that it is difficult for a trimmer to work efficiently with thick or tangled hair, it is an indication that the trimmer is not powerful enough.

If you invest in buying a powerful trimmer, you can be sure of increased precision and accurate trim, having lesser strokes.

Cord or Cordless: A good number of conventional trimmer models have a power cord for charging the device. It is more convenient to use a cordless trimmer. The reason for this is, using a trimmer with a cord determines the outlet’s range. Moreso, they could get tangled while shaving. So, for the purpose of mobility, it is best to use a cordless trimmer. It would typically come with a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged prior to usage.

Before finalizing your decision, you need to consider the capacity of the battery. It would be disappointing for your trimmer to stop midway. So, it is best to check for battery runtime. If you get a trimmer with a battery which lasts for around 60 minutes.

Accessories: Typically, a quality trimmer would have extra accessories. A typical accessory is comb add-ons for shaving, styling and trimming. Also, if you see combs having various dimensions, it would be easy to cur your hair to different lengths.

It is also important to note the quality of the guide combs. Adjusting a clipper to a trimmer is easy, you just need to adjust the blade length. You should also check for combs that are fragile, which can cause noisy vibrations or break after a while.

Quality of Blade: Since it is the blade of a trimmer that carries out the action, it has to be of high quality. Blades that have various materials come with varying ranges of quality. It is common for you to see most trimmers that have stainless steel blades. Some come with titanium and ceramic blades too.

Some blades can also self-sharpen themselves, and this would prevent you from frequent replacement. A trimmer with a premium quality blade, would last longer and save you the stress of investing in replacement and maintenance.

Final Words

On the market currently, there is a lack of top-notch trimmers. If you are not careful, there is a tendency for you to get confused in the entire process of selection. Needing a great trimmer requires you to get something that gives you an ideal and appreciable value for money.

To wrap this piece up, we advise you to go for any of the above mentioned trimmers that are all below 1000 Rs.

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