Top 5 Best Tricycle for Kids in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

A tricycle may have only three wheels, but it is so loved by toddlers as much as the teenagers love there the first car. Most of the people start buying a tricycle when their kids are in the age of two to three years. A tricycle helps toddlers with balance and coordination. Before you buy any product, always keep in mind that what are the safety features that the product is providing and which wheel size will be perfect for your children.

Tricycle which has big wheel are generally made of plastic and have a huge front wheel. As safety plays a vital role, so it is necessary to make sure that your kids wear a helmet. Also, check the steering that it doesn’t tip over. Some of the tricycle brands provide extra features like belts for extra safety, which can attract the parents to buy. When it comes to tricycle, there are two types, which are more common, big wheel, and push tricycle. Big wheel tricycle can be the one which has a different animated design on it which can easily attract the kids but have an oversized wheel at the front.

Bestselling Kids Tricycles Online in India

On the other side, push tricycles helps the kids to get help with a push when they need a break.

1. R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Baby/Kids Cycle with Rubber Wheels

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Baby

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A quality option with a considerable number of positive reviews, to begin with, is R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Baby/Kids Cycle with Rubber Wheels. It has genuine built quality, and the price is considerably reasonable, which ensures that it is a great deal to go after. The best thing is, you are getting six unique colors in the same size which let you grab the best one with ease.

When it comes to installation, you just have to spend five minutes working on it, and everything is done. Even, the installation process is easy, which ensures that you get the work done without any tools. The stylish push bar is additional pros to make you love this product over the selection of other ones. These reasons made us choose this product as the best one as compared to all others.


  • Available in six unique colors.
  • Quick time installation; take less than 5 minutes.
  • For babies age between 1.5 years to 5 years.

Things We Liked 

  • Considering all the features and built quality, the price seems affordable.
  • Design is pretty impressive because it seems comfortable for kids to learn.
  • Plug and play rubber wheels for the safer drive experience.
  • Stylish push bar to have control over tri-cycle.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Tires are a bit fragile, might require changing after a couple of months.

2. Little Olive Little Toes Baby / Kids Tricycle 

Little Olive Little Toes Baby

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Having a long push bar ensures that you have proper control over the tri-cycle when you are taking your baby outside. Most of the manufacturers are giving such features, and you can find the same with Little Olive Little Toes Baby / Kids Tricycle with Push Bar and Foot Rest. It comes in three different color patterns to choose between.

The seat is easy to adjust, and it helps your baby sit comfortably on it. There is a small box in the back of the tricycle, which helps to keep some of the basic things for the baby. Or, kids love to try outputting their toys exactly at that place. So, it is a great option for the price point. Considering the built quality, you can go for this one.


  • It comes in three different color patterns.
  • Easy to drive because of effective design.
  • The control push bar is at the back for safety.

Things We Liked 

  • Color finish is great to rely on the product.
  • You can expect Genuine built quality for the price.
  • The small box in the back as an extra tweak to play with.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer installation mechanic
  • Most of the units deliver with a couple of scratches, poor packing.

3. Amardeep & Co Baby Tricycle 1-3 yrs W/Shade and Parental Control

Amardeep & Co Baby Tricycle

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One of the beautiful looking designs on the whole list is Amardeep & Co Baby Tricycle 1-3 yrs W/Shade and Parental Control. This tricycle is available in two different color choices, and the best part is, there are animal face designs that ensure the best experience. Considering the built quality, you can easily pay attention to this product over the selection of others.

A shade on the top is effective to protect your kid from the sun in the day time. A push handlebar is also added, which let parents have proper control over the tricycle that’s why you can consider it as the safer option. Overall reason to conclude this product is a sturdy pipe frame which helps you get a long-lasting experience. Such reasons can help you understand why to use this tricycle over others.


  • The manufacturer offers it in two color choices.
  • It is made up of sturdy steel pipe.
  • Easy to ride due to the genuine sized paddles.

Things We Liked 

  • It comes for genuine built quality.
  • Shade from the top is effective and reliable for the baby’s skin and eyes.
  • All parts are made up of the high precision machines.
  • It has durable tires that are going to last for years.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Bit high price

4. Little Olive Roller Coaster – Stylish Tricycle with Canopy and Push Bar for Kids

Little Olive Roller Coaster

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In case you want the best design of all time with an added number of features, then you can consider going with Little Olive Roller Coaster – Stylish Tricycle with Canopy and Push Bar for Kids. Surely, the best design comes for extra bucks, but this product has a justifiable price, which ensures a great deal to consider. It has soft padding to give a comfortable experience to the baby or kid.

This roller coaster tricycle is reliable for babies age one year to 6 years. That’s why you can easily consider it as a great choice. If you want a specific color finish, then you can easily consider that with this product. There are four different options available, which will help you grab a quality choice with ease. Even the push handle is very long also. You can easily use that to obtain a huge number of advantages.


  • It is available in four different color designs.
  • Premium built quality and a sturdy body.
  • The front wheel had extra diameter for better riding experience.

Things We Liked 

  • Durable design with premium built quality.
  • Soft padding on seat to ensure safer use for baby.
  • It comes with a small bell, and it works perfectly for all times.
  • It is available in four different color finishes.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • It comes for an expensive price point.

5. Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

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For those who want a funky design with genuine built quality, our last product of choice is great for them. Well, Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle, tricycles, Kids Cycle, Ride-on for boy and Girl seems like the new choice. It has funky colors, affordable price point, and a couple of other musical tweaks which play pre-loaded sounds. It looks like a motorbike and has a yellow and blue color theme.

Well, some might know that it is not a new design. Such types of tricycles were popular a decade ago. This design seems outdated, but some people still considering grabbing these. The only flaw we think about this tricycle is built quality as you compare it with the other options available in the market. Otherwise, it is a great deal to consider over the selection of other products.


  • It comes in a yellow and blue color theme.
  • It looks like a motorbike with the same features.
  • Three different color finishes are available on the same.
  • Pre-loaded musical files for the entertainment of kids.

Things We Liked 

  • It has a very affordable price as you compare this deal with others.
  • Big backrest, also works as prevention, is helpful for comfortable sitting.
  • Three different dual-tone color choices are available for the right purchase.
  • Medal has easier movement due to the lightweight design of the product.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The overall built quality of the tricycle body seems very cheap as compared to others.

Buying Guide – What you must know about?

Many companies are offering tricycles at the different price range with plenty of features, before investing in any product you should keep in mind that what are the features, design, and material that you truly want for your kids. As it is hard to lend on proper product information, here we are mentioning the top six factors that you can consider:

  • Safety – It should be made of a material that is sturdy like metal rather than plastic, which will help the parents to be less worried and feel secure. As many safety features can be seen like slip-resistant pedals, which can be a little more helpful. Tricycle having big wheels gives more comfortable and smooth rides and also helps to be stable on the way.
  • Pedal power – make sure that you buy a tricycle according to the height of your kids so that they can easily access to pedal and ride it easily. If the kid won’t makes it to the pedals, there will be no joy in riding that tricycle, so when you are searching for one, keep in mind that your kid uses it from day one, not after six months.
  • Big wheel or push tricycles – there is a huge variety of tricycles out there; before buying, you should keep that in mind that what attracts you the most and what your kid wants. Is it the safety that you are looking for, or the design?
  • Adjustable features – many of the tricycles doesn’t give the adjusting features like adjustable seats and handles. These types of features attract the parents to adjust the size according to the comfort of their children. Sometimes the footrest is not comfortable for kids having a small height, which can be solved this feature.
  • Handling – having a comfortable grip on the handle can enhance your overall riding experience. There are a couple of sizes available and are easy to turn, which will make it more comfortable for the kids to turn around and gives them a more joyful riding experience.
  • Color – this is the most attractive part of any tricycle out there. The first thing that is noticed by the toddlers is the soothing color of the bike. As it can be anything, the favorite animation or can be the simple stripes. You can also choose glossy, or mat finished colors according to the choice.
  • Check reviews – the best thing about the review is, they always come in handy to make a wise decision. Even knowing about major flows is an easy thing, so before buying any product, you can check the pros and cons; this will help cut out those who are not reliable at all.

Considering the points mentioned above can easily help you choose the right product according to the reviews. You can check out the different safety features in tricycles. Keep in mind that you buy a product that will be easy to use and have perfect handling, and also make sure that safety is important so that the kids should always use a helmet while riding.


After going through all the factors and knowing about features, it is easy to conclude a great deal without wasting much time. Going with a reputed and well-known brand is important to make a safer decision, that’s why you can also rely on the purchase of such a product. If you are still unable to sort out the right product, then consider choosing your budget and going with the product from the list.

Or, you can try out preferring a premium built quality. Our first and second products of choice are almost similar to a difference in the blue line. It is all about a specific needs. So, you should check out what you exactly want and everything is done after that.

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