10 Best TDS Meters In India 2022: Check Drinking Water

We will guide you how can you find Best TDS Meter & buy one. TDS is the short form of Total Dissolved Solids. It refers to the total dissolved solids in a liquid including water in a suspended, micro-granular, ionized and molecular form which could be beneficial in many ways. The water is assessed for the total dissolved solids not to consider the water as unsafe because of the presence of the total dissolved solids.

Best TDS Meter In India

Instead, it is meant to determine whether there is a need for further treatment depending on the purpose for which the water is supposed to be used.

Best Buy TDS Meters Online in India 

Let us consider some of the TDS Meters that are considered to be the best in India in the year 2022 include

1. Generic Digital LCD TDS Meter

Generic Digital LCD TDS meter

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This is a TDS meter that can be used for measuring the TDS that is present in the water. It comes with a protective cap.  There is an on/off switch in the meter. The reading displayed is to be multiplied by 10  to get the final reading.

It is endowed with temperature measurements as well. The TDS meter can be used in filters and water purifiers as well as for monitoring hydroponics, aquariums, spas, and pools. The TDS meter is endowed with hold function as well as built-in temperature measurement. It is about 3cm in height and comes with a case.

  • Weighs about 18 gms and is easy to handle
  • Muti-color
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Hold function
  • Tests the purity of water
  • 2 “A” Batteries included

  • The height of the TDS meter which is just 3cm.

2. Digital LCD TDS Meter Waterfilter Tester for measuring TDS3/TEMP/PPM

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This digital TDS meter comes in two sizes AP-1 and AP-2.  The TDS  meter is endowed with Automatic temperature compensation. The range of measurements that the TDS meter displays range from 0- 5000ppm. The dimension of the AP-1 TDS meter is about 10X 5X 5cm.

It measures the TDS as well as the temperature of the water. The TDS METER is made of plastic. The TDS meter features a sensor that measures the dissolved salts in the water. It measures the TDS in the water that has low hardness. It has a water-resistant housing.

  • It is easy to use
  • It measures both the TDS ranging from 0-5000ppm and the temperature ranging from 0 degrees to 80 degree celsius.
  • The range of measurement starts from 0 and extends up to 5000ppm.
  • The TDS data is measured in ppm
  • It has sensors that determine the TDS in water with a lower level of hardness.

  • No warranty
  • Not possible to use for determining the TDS in water with a high level of hardness
  • Non-chargeable batteries

3. IONIX Imported TDS Meter

IONIX Imported TDS Meter

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The IONIX TDS meter is an exclusive amazon product that is imported and is sold extensively on the amazon logo. The TDS meter is known for accuracy of the readings. The TDS meter comes with PH Testing strips. It is a TDS meter that comes with calibration and other calibration accessories.

It is Meter that is considered to be a professional testing meter. It comes with a carrying case and is a TDS meter and pH meter combo pack.

  • It is a TDS and PH meter combo
  • It comes with a carrying case
  • It can be used to test the TDS in water purifiers, filters, food like fruits and vegetables, spas, aquariums, and the hydroponics.
  • Accurate and precise readings
  • Precallibrated meter.

  • The meter should not be dipped beyond the water level limit
  • The meter should not be stored at a high temperature

4. HM Digital AP-1 Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester (TDS)

HM Digital AP-1 Aqua Pro Water Quality Tester

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 This is a quality meter that is produced by a reputed company.  It measures both the TDS s well as the temperature.  It is also endowed with  Automatic Temperature compensation facility. The special features include data-hold function, auto-off function, and low- battery indicator.

The meter features a large LCD screen that is quite large to read the display clearly. The size is about 5.9X1.1X.5 inches in size. The range of measures that are measured using the TDS meter is about 0-5000 ppm. It is a sleek and accurate tester that can be used in a hand-held manner.

  • One year warranty
  • Brand reputation
  • Measures both the TDS and temperature of the  water
  • Accurate and precise reading
  • LCD display that is large and easy to read
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to carry
  • Designed in the USA
  • It can be used to measure TDS in all types of water storage facilities

  • Mixed reviews
  • Price

5. WELLON pocket TDS Meter for RO filter purifier water quality tester

WELLON pocket TDS Meter

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As the name suggests it is a water quality tester that is easy to handle and use.  Though it is a pocket TDS meter, it comes with a large LCD display that makes it easier to take the reading. It is also endowed with water temperature reading function.  It comes with pore calibration to study the TDS.

In ppm. It is ideal to test different water sources and storage facilities. It is easy to operate and can be used effectively to test the quality and purity of the water as well as determine the efficiency of the water filter that you are using. You can also check the hardness of the water using this meter.

  • Reputed brand
  • Precalibrated meter that measures TDS in ppm.
  • Measures the TDS as well as the temperature
  • Measures hardness of water
  • The temperature reading can be taken in and out of water
  • Can be used to test the efficiency of the filter system
  • Large LCD screen for a display that is easy to read
  • Pocket-size and easy to carry
  • It is easy to determine the TDS in any type of source or storage points of water

  • Shows two readings for the same samples is a review that has been recorded
  • Poor quality battery

6. Yuv’STds Meter/Digital Tds Meter 

Yuv STds Meter

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Yuv’STds Meter/Digital Tds Meter makes sure that the quality of water that your drink is pure enough to keep you healthy. With the temperature monitoring system as well as the purity measurement, the Tds meter, is the most preferred product for the water filtered from the purifier.

You can check about the functioning of the water purifier, whether it is working perfectly or not depending on the value of the Tds in the purifier. To measure the temperature using the meter, you just need to switch it on and you can proceed to use it anywhere you wish to.

  • Excellent check for the quality of the water which is easy to operate.
  • Small in size, this can be carried easily from one place to another
  • Measurement of the hardness of the water can also, be done
  • The durability of the product is very high, more than 24 months.

  • Lack of the user manual is an issue with the users.
  • Unclear display.

7. Nexqua Dew Imported Tds Meter

Nexqua Dew Imported Tds Meter

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Nexqua Dew Imported Tds Meter lets you measure the temperature of the water for knowing the optimal temperature of drinking water. You need not worry about the hardness of the water as the pH of the water along with the TDS level is strictly calculated.

It comes along with a jacket to keep it protected against dust. There is no restriction on the source of the water that can be used for testing the TDS. You can even test the water from the aquarium to keep it safe for the health of the fish.

  • Easy to use the meter, as no complicated operations are needed.
  • Easy measurement of dual attributes of TDS and temperature
  • Needs no electric charge to function properly works on battery

  • You cannot dip the TDS meter beyond a certain level
  • The design of the product is not satisfactory

8. Mycica TDS-RO Pocket Digital TDS Meter

Mycica TDS-RO Pocket Digital TDS Meter

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Mycica TDS-RO Pocket Digital TDS Meter lets you test the quality of the drinking water easily. You can find out whether your RO is working perfectly or not if you test the water using the TDS meter. The TDS is one of the most important parameters to maintain the quality and purity of the water, thus proper care must be taken to maintain its quality.

You can use the meter for testing the water from the groundswell or drinking water. Even the health of the fish in your aquarium can be kept safe by checking the TDS level of the water in the aquarium.

  • Easy to use, just put the meter within the glass of water and get the results.
  • Light in weight hence it can be carried anywhere
  • Multiple sources of water can be tested.

  • The design of the product can be improved.
  • Alert sound to share the ending of the testing is also important

9. GLUN Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter

GLUN Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter

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GLUN Pre-Calibrated Pen Type Digital LCD TDS Meter comes along with the perfect design and the exquisite shape. One of the most modern displays and the ergonomic design makes the TDS meter look exquisite and special.

If you are looking to measure the quality of the water, you need no dip the TDS meter completely within the glass, rather dipping up to a certain level will do the trick.

  • Doesn’t require the use of a battery to operate the product.
  • Highly accurate TDS meter which displays the value till about 980 ppm
  • Easy to use the product with a perfect working guide.

  • An alert sound when the measurement ends works just fine.

10. KonvioNeer Imported Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter

KonvioNeer Imported Tds Meter

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KonvioNeer Imported Tds Meter for ro Water Testing Meter is one of the most traditional TDS meters which is used by the consumers. You can enjoy using the meter since it small in size, accurate as well as measures both the temperature and the dissolved solids.

Features of the TDS like easy switching, perfect flexibility of the quality of the water really makes it stand out.

  • You need not have to be an expert to use the meter.
  • Temperature till 100F can be measured easily with the meter.
  • Not depending on electricity for operation uses cells for the same.

  • The warranty period could have been more. 

List Of Best TDS Meter in India

The TDS meter is the device that is put to use

  • During the commercial filtration system to determine the efficiency of the system.
  • In Hydroponic systems to check the salt levels in water
  • To test if there is any contamination in the home purifying system.
  • To test the membrane of the home reverse osmosis system.

In short, you can consider the TDS meter as a device that can be used to identify all the salts, metals, minerals, compounds, etc that is present in the water that is used for testing. There is a need to use TDS meters as the presence of these salts, metals and other compounds are actually considered to be contaminants which can make the water unfit for drinking until it is treated properly.

The water purification systems are meant to treat water and the TDS meter would tell you how efficiently the purification system is working. Since most of the dissolved molecules in water the TDS concentration can be obtained in the form of the total amount of positively-charged ions(cations) and negatively charged ions (anions) in the water.

How does TDS mix up with water?

There is no doubt that there is some amount of dissolved salts in all forms of water whether it is from a natural source, industrial wastewater or water run-off. Even natural water consists of dissolved salts because of minerals, salt, and metals in the soil like sodium, potassium, and iron mix with the water.

You then have the chemicals that are used to treat water as well as the piping and other hardware fittings which contribute some amount of dissolved salts the other sources of TDS includes mineral springs, de-icing of snow, carbonate deposits as well as agricultural wastes are all sources of TDS. Water would also contain bacteria, viruses, phytoplankton, organic compounds, salts, heavy metals, pharmaceutical chemicals deposited in water all of which add up to the TDS in water.

Acceptable level of TDS

 The acceptable level of TDS  concentration in water that is supposed to be used for consumption by human beings is 500 parts per million or milligrams per unit of water. It is expressed as 500ppm or mg/l. If the TDS level is greater than 1000ppm it is considered unsafe for consumption.

How does the TDS meter work?

 The TDS meter that looks like a thermometer is placed in the water to be tested. Immediately the measurement sensors in the TDS meter start working and you will receive a notification within 10 seconds which will indicate the mineral content in the water. This will help determine the efficiency of the purification system that is in place for water and also determine what further treatment is required to reduce the concentration of minerals.

Buying Guide for TDS Meters

  When you are about to buy a TDS meter, it is important to consider certain important points. This would ensure that the results are accurate and you are also able to get all the information that is necessary to consider if the water needs further treatment or not. The important features include

Fit for purpose for which it is about to be used – TDS meter you choose should be easy to handle and suitable for the purpose for which you are using it.  TDS meters for domestic use is different from those that are used for large scale testing. Therefore, determining the purpose for which it is going to be used would be helpful in choosing the right TDS Meter.

 Technology – Though the TDS meter is used to measure the TDS in water, there are a number of advanced technical principles that are applied to get the reading. Though calcium and sodium are dissolved salts they cannot be considered as contaminants.

Therefore, the TDS meter with advanced technological features would be able to give you a fair reading of each type of salts that are present in the water. The quality of the microsensors and the microprocessors are very important to get the right readings. Similarly, the technology employed should be advanced enough to ensure that the TDS meter gives a fair reading of the noxious metals and pollutants that are present in the water that is tested.

Pre calibrated – The precalibrated TDS meters are easy to use and you can expect accurate readings when compared to the TDS meters that come without the calibrations. A wide range of calibrations starting from 0 and going on up to 999ppm is also an added advantage to have in a TDS meter.

 Battery – The batteries that are used in the TDS meter would also play a vital role in ensuring speedy results. the longevity of the battery also has to be considered because this would prevent you from having to buy a TDS meter again within a short period of use.in other words, battery life is indeed one factor that would make the purchase of TDS meter a cost-effective one.

Reputation – it is indeed important to research and find a reputed brand for TDS meters. You can use the net, go through the reviews and even use word of mouth communication to choose the same.

However, the brand you choose must be one that is known for gadgets that have provided accurate results consistently.

Benefits of using a TDS Meter  

A lot of people might wonder what the reason to invest money for a digital TDS meter as buying a water purifier will be more feasible. The purifiers alone can filter out all the harmful solids dissolved in the water and give you the most purified form.

Besides, one can easily get the water of their house checked in the local municipal office and that too for free of cost. But despite all the counter-reasons, there are a few genuine reasons that explain all the benefits of using a TDS meter.   

  • Time Saver  

As mentioned earlier, municipality offices do provide you the facility of testing the quality of water. But everybody knows how long the whole process can take in return. Moreover, the question of the authenticity of those results always remains there. So, a TDS meter at home can save all the time.  

  • Money Saver  

Before knowing the actual quality of your water, you will not be able to invest in the right purifier for your family. Purifiers in India come in a wide range of prices. There are both low budget and high budget purifiers. If the quality of the water in your house is below 500 ppm, then a less powerful purifier will be enough for you. But if the quality is more than 1000 ppm, you will need a powerful water purifier of the higher price. This is how a TDS meter can aid you in saving some money.  

  • Easy Handling  

Anyone can use the best TDS meter in India home use. One just has to dip it into the water and wait for approximately 10 seconds for the results to show up on display. The process is as simple as that.  

  • Portable  

If you are very particular about what kind of water you are drinking, then these digital meters will be your most trustworthy friend. These meters come in a very small size. You can take it with you anywhere you want.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

1) How are TDS and PPM different?  

TDS is the name of the gadget, and PPM is the unit of measurement. PPM means ‘Parts Per Million.’   

2) Are the TDS meters accurate?  

The most standard TDS meters are accurate, up to 2% more or less. So, if a TDS meter gives a reading of 1000 PPM, we will consider up to 20 PPM plus and minus. However, reputed companies offer the most genuine products that have up to 99.99% accuracy.  

3) Which TDS meter is best?  

According to the experts and buyers’ reviews, the Generic Digital is the best TDS meter available in India. It has a wide range of measurements of up to 5000 ppm. And it can also measure the temperature of the water.   

4) How do I calibrate a TDS meter?  

The water in the distilled water bottles is supposed to have 0 ppm. So, distilled water would be ideal for calibrating the meter.   

5) What is the process of taking accurate measurements?  

TDS meters look a lot like the thermometers. First of all, you have to put the sensor of the meter inside the water. It will take 10 seconds approximately. Then the contents will show up on the display screen.  

Bottom line

It is important to ensure that the water we drink and the purification system is doing what it has to do effectively in order to produce water that is of good quality and safe to drink. There is no doubt that the TDS meter would be very effective in ensuring it. but, it is important to choose the right one.

The TDS meters mentioned above are easily some of the well-known and reputed TDS meters that you can buy and use to ensure that TDS is within the permissible limits and also pass it through treatment procedures that would rectify the problem.

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