Top 9 Best Solar Panels To Buy 2022 Reviewed & Buying Guide

Solar panels are basically those devices that capture the energy from the sun and then converts it into electrical energy. In this modern era, when the requirement of energy is in bulk, people out there are getting more and more dependent on the various non-renewable sources of energy. Here, solar energy is one of the most important non-conventional energy and can be used abundantly without the fear of exhaustion. Solar panels are also very handy and come in a wide range of sizes. Starting from a few, the size of a solar panel may reach hundreds of meters, depending on the requirement of energy.

There are innumerable ways to use solar energy. Starting from electricity production to remote power supply, the uses of solar energy is of great variety. Also, because of the fact that it is a non-conventional source of energy, it is safe to use in an abundant manner.

Nowadays, many devices are there that are charged by solar energy. More and more such devices are being made as they use solar energy, keeping the gradual degradation of non-renewable energy sources in mind. Various kinds of modern batteries can be charged with the help of solar energy. This article is going to help you find the best quality solar panels having the required specifications as per your need.

Top 9 Best Solar Panels Reviewed 2022

1. Loom Solar 50-Watt Motto Panel:

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If you are looking for an efficient solar panel of durable quality that does not break easily, then this might be the right choice for you. This is a 50 watt motto panel and is made up of ‘A’ grade mono perk cells and ultra-cleared tampered glasses. These glasses are extremely durable and will not break easily.

Also, this solar panel offers you 22% higher efficiency. This will still work even when the weather is cloudy and when the sun is not enough scorching. This solar panel makes panels with some perk cells in 12 volt design. The additional features that is provides is the 4 bus bars, 36 cells. Also, in this product, you will find IP 67 rated junction box along with MC4 compatible cable connector in order to offer higher efficiency.

With this product, you get many qualities together as it is long lasting, lightweight, and portable. This is made up of high quality silicon cells and unbreakable 3.2mm toughen glass and aluminum.

But, before you make your final decision of purchasing this, you might first like to have a look on its various pros and cons:


  • It comes with a warranty of 25 years.
  • Can also work during low light situation
  • Small, portable and light weight.


  • Produces approximately 0.25 unit on a daily basis that might be in adequate.
  • It takes 3 hours to charge the battery which can be considered as slightly long.
  • Heavy power devices, like a car-stereo can’t be run by it.

2. Luminous 325Watts Solar Panels

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If you are looking for a smart working solar panel that can be ideally used in various homes and offices then this could be the right choice for you. The Luminous 325 watts solar panelofferrs you a 325 watts output power and the operating voltage is 24 volts. The panel technology that is used in this solar panel is polycrystalline.

This can be an ideal solar panel to be used in various offices as well as in houses. The space consumed by it is 20. Sq. ft. It is one of the majorly preferred solar panels which is used to generate electricity with the help solar energy. It can be connected with the inverters in order to generate electricity in homes and offices.

Another big advantage that you get from this solar panel is the warranty. It comes with a performance warranty of 25 years which is quite great.

Before making the final purchase, you can have a look at the various pros and cons of the product:


  • Saves your electricity bill.
  • Hybrid battery is present.
  • It can be charged by both electricity and solar.
  • Many appliances can be run by it together.


  • The installation cost of this product can be high.
  • Over load run time may occur
  • Product cost can be a little expensive.

3. Ifitech Solar Light Detachable Panel Design:

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This is absolutely a new product in the market with latest designs and specifications. This solar light having a detachable panel will cater to many of your lighting needs. Also, the biggest advantage that you can get from this product is ‘easy installation’. You absolutely require no tools and only your hands are enough to install the product. It comes very handy and light weight and no complicated wiring is required in it.

It offers you three lighting modes, off, dim and bright. The most interesting fact is that is automatically turns the ‘dim light mode’ on and when it is dark or during night. It also has a proximity sensor attached to it and which senses it when people are walking around it within the radius of 2 m. It then turns the bright mode on.

The solar panel is detachable and it comes with two necessary wires. Thus, for a longer reach, you can connect the two. It keeps on charging even when the sunlight is not bright enough. It comes with a solid plastic construction that makes it durable. It can stand the test all kind of nature’s wrath such as rain, snow, ice and wind. It is waterproof, heatproof and durable making it last long.

Some pros and cons that you might like to know about the product are:


  • Extremely durable and has long life.
  • Zero installation cost as it can be installed with bare hands with no tools required.
  • The panel and the light are detachable and thus can be used at the same time for different purposes.
  • Motion sensor makes it a smart device.


  • The solar panel can’t be used to run any other external appliance.

4. Solodine 150 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Module/Solar Panel:

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So, if you are looking for a solar panel which generates energy in an outstanding manner even in low lights, then this could definitely be the right option for you. Superior polycrystalline solar module is of 150 watts and 12 volts and are IEC and MNRE approved. Also, you will have excellent energy generation in weak lights.

Due to the premium quality IP67 water junction box, it offers you a stable performance. It is well equipped with anti PID cell technology certificates.  Apart from that, this device also comes with a warranty of 25 years which is pretty great.

The efficiency that it offers is also great and you can use this device for electricity generation.

Some of the considerable pros and cons of this Solodine 150 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar panel are:


  • Generates energy efficiently even in weak light condition.
  • Stable performance.


  • It might be insufficient for daily 24 hours use.

5. Loom solar 350 watt – 24 Volt Mono crystalline Panel:

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This solar panel is made up of mono perk cells that offers 20% higher efficiency. This device is just perfect for a 24-volt battery charging or various panels which can be wired in series for 24/48 volt battery charging for grid tied applications. This is strong and durable device hat can stand the test of climatic ailments such as snow loads and high wind. This is well-equipped with resistant aluminum frame that makes it last for decades. Also, this solar panel is compatible with both on-grid and off-grid inverters.

Loom solar 350 watt solar panel is the latest technology solar panel. It is made up of A grade anti PID cells. This can be regarded as one of the best solar panels amongst the mono-crystalline technology that comes along with 72 cells and 5 bus bars. It works well, both during low light as well as cloudy weather.

The efficiency of cell conversion is more than 19%. Diodes are basically installed in the junction box along with two pre-attached 1M wire and MC4 connector.

The various pros and cons of this device are jotted down below:


  • Unbreakable toughened glass and aluminum frame
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof


The panel efficiency may decline during high temperature.

6. Loom Solar 10 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel – Poly Crystalline

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The loom Solar 10-watt solar panel is specially designed to charge small batteries upto 7 Ah or 7000 mAh. This is a mobile charging device and uses solar power to charge portable devices. The 10-watt 12 volt panel generates power enough to charge 12v vehicles and smaller appliances like pumps. Lights, stereos, televisions, lights and other electrical devices of this class. It uses a polycrystalline solar panel which is highly efficient and requires very low maintenance. Created with lightweight aluminium frame, tempered glass and waterproof plastic, it can withstand extreme weather changes like snowfall and heavy wind. It can also be paired with other panels to create an expanded system to power bigger or more powerful electrical devices.


  • It is small and portable making it very easy to use.
  • It can be used with other panels to create a more powerful system.
  • It is made of hardy and durable material and can withstand heavy wear and tear.


  • It can only power small devices and cannot be used for devices requiring more than 7000mAh of power.

7. Loom Solar 125-Watt Mono Panel

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Loom solar brings to the table a high power 125-watt mono panel solar charger which is made of high-quality mono perk cells. These cells provide high degree of efficiency even in cloudy and low light settings. This particular panel uses 12-volt perk cells along with 4 busbars and 36 cells. Loom Solar is, in fact, the only company in India that provides power using 12-volt perk cells. Additionally, this product is one for life, due to its massive 25-year warranty. It comes with an IP 67 rated junction box and an mc4 compatible cable wire which provides higher module efficiency. This product is the most efficient product in its class and is second to none.


  • This is the only product in India to offer 12-volt perk cells.
  • This particular product offers 25 years of warranty.
  • It is the most efficient solar panel in its class.
  • It generates high amounts of electricity in cloudy and low light conditions as well.


  • The charging current is slower than what is expected from the product.

8. Solodine 100-Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Module

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Solodine is a powerhouse when it comes to manufacturing solar panels and modules and that class is reflected in its 12-volt 100-watt solar module. It provides much more power than it charges for and is available in 75-watt 100-watt 150 watt and 200-watt stages of tune. The manufacturer, Crave It is a pioneer in photovoltaic technology, a fact that is reflected in its products. This particular solar panel is approved by IEC and MNRE and generates massive amounts of electricity even in bad light. It comes with an IP67 box which additionally makes it waterproof and lets it provide efficient and stable performance.


  • This product is available in 200-watt, 150-watt, 100 watt and 75 watt formats.
  • The solar modules used in this particular solar panel are the best in their class.
  • It is approved by the MNRE and the IEC.
  • It has an IP67 box which stabilises the performance and makes the panel waterproof.


  • The charging is slow and often creates problems for the user.

9. Microtek Solar Panel MTX 150watt 12V

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The Microtek MTC 12-volt, 150-watt solar panel is one of the best solar panels available in the market right now. Its advanced photovoltaic technology offers a very high conversion efficiency and can extract the maximum amount of energy in the lowest of lighting conditions. Additionally, it is also good for both on grid and off grid performance. This product undergoes the most rigorous quality control tests along with over 20 in-house tests including damp heat test, thermal cycling test, humidity freeze test among others. It comes with a strong anodised aluminium frame with pre-drilled holes for easy and convenient installation.


  • It has a class leading conversion rate for low light scenarios.
  • It undergoes a number of different quality control tests.
  • The frame is equipped with salt mist corrosion resistant technology and ammonia corrosion resistant technology.
  • It is one of the most long-lasting solar panels on the market at this price point.
  • It is suitable for off-grid as well as on-grid applications.


  • It can be a bit complicated to understand at first.

Buying Guide For Solar Panels:

When solar panels are being talked about, there are certain points you need to keep in mind before making the final purchase. Since solar panels come with a varied range of specifications, you might find it confusing to choose the best suit for you. The below tips might be helpful for you to make the right decision.

Voltage range:

This is the first thing to consider is the voltage. You must remember the fact that the best voltage to use is dependent on the type of equipment. It also depend on the common voltages that they share. The voltage may vary by a wide range. You must ensure that the voltages are matched by the solar panels in series on in parallel configurations. It is to be noted that using a higher voltage is often more efficient than a lower volt system. This is because a lower volt system will need to learn at higher amperage which further requires a thicker cable to carry it.

Power requirement:

You can make a comprehensive list of all the equipment that you wish to run by the solar panel. The information regarding the wattage is often available in the website of the manufacturer or on the data sheet of that product. You should make sure that the multimeter is set to AMPS or DC current and the probes in the correct sockets. Additionally, multimeter should also be a part of the circuit which powering the device.

Size and dimensions:

Before making the final purchase, you must make sure that you know the requirements and specifications of the energy required by the equipment in one full day. Then you must add 30% for the sake of some inherent inefficiencies. This will get compensated due to the potential losses. You must keep the fact in mind that the batteries do not store the whole amount of energy that it gets. The peak solar energy also depends on the geographical location of the place.

Proper certification:

Solar panels must be a part of the holistic solution for supplying electricity requirements. Thus, before making the final purchase, you must make sure some optimal efficiencies in generating alternate energy and the fact that whether the products are properly certified or not. This is because a certified device is more efficient in terms of both quality and price. Certification is a vital aspect to have a look at while choosing the right device.

Span of the warranty:

Various solar panels in the market come with a varied range of warranty periods. Before you buy your product, you must go through the every nook and corner of the terms and conditions of the product. Some of the most important information that you need to take care of are the span of the warranty it offers and on what part of the product does the warranty apply. Sometimes, the warranty may also vary from various parts to parts. In that case, reading between the lines of the terms and condition is very important.

Final Words:

A solar panel can be a very useful device. Moreover, solar energy is a non-conventional source of energy and thus it can used in an abundant manner. Buying a solar panel for your home or office can be a very exciting experience. But, you must make sure that you are smart enough before you finalize your purchase. This article might be helpful for you and can guide you through the buying process. Make sure you do some personal research on the product you buy rather than just blindly believing on the advertisements out there.

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