Top 5 Best Shower Curtains in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Taking a shower after waking up or after coming from office is a stress reliever which can make you feel a lot more relaxed. Most of the people love shower right after they wake up to end their laziness and feel energetic.

The shower might be making you feel better, but everyone wants to have a clustered shower where they go and take a bath. No one love to clean washroom or wipe out water from the floor that’s why it is a reliable choice for everyone to add curtains in the bathroom, so water drops do not include the wet whole bathroom. It is the most convenient thing which is getting popular around the globe.

If you consider it in India, you won’t find many people using curtains, that’s why you can’t find much variety. In case you want to buy some quality shower curtains in India, then you have to focus on various factors and look at a small variety. Finding the perfect product can be typical because of the variety available.

To end this distress, we researched and tried plenty of shower curtains. Among all of them, we found the top 5 best shower curtains which are genuine inbuilt quality, affordable for most of the people and they are going to value your purchase.

Bestselling Shower Curtains Online in India

Let’s get started with our top pick of choice and focus on rest products:

1. AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks

AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks

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Amazon Basics manufacturer some quality curtain with abstract design to impress anyone. Due to the premium quality and affordable price, AmazonBasics Shower Curtain with Hooks nails the first spot in our list. It has premium build quality along with the Natural Herringbone design to make it look impressive in all kind. It has the water-repellent nature, so water is not going to stick for a long time.

This curtain set in Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory which is known for genuine quality. If you look at the design factor, you can find four different choices to grab the perfect deal for your specific need, that’s why it is a great choice to have in your bathroom. Even, it comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer, that’s why you can rely on the same and get rid of various issues.

  • Water repellent fabric to keep curtains dry all the time.
  • It is thick enough to provide privacy to bath taker.
  • Comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.

Things We Like 

  • Curtains are available in four different designs.
  • Price is very affordable, and other designs are also similarly priced.
  • Weight hem will help to keep it in place and never facing any issue.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Compared to other choices, it feels a bit expensive.

2. Yellow Weaves PVC Waterproof 3D Shower Curtain with 8 Hooks

Yellow Weaves PVC Waterproof 3D Shower Curtain

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In case you want a transparent and cheaper choice for the higher build quality, then you can focus on the purchase of Yellow Weaves PVC Waterproof 3D Shower Curtain with 8 Hooks. No doubt that Yellow Weaves offer some of the premium build quality and a great design which can make you rely on this product for durability factor.

If you don’t have any idea that which curtains will match the color scheme of the bathroom then you will like this transparent unit. A small bubble pattern which makes it look impressive and better as compared to the other units. However, the transparent design also adds a drawback of privacy which might trigger in some people mind, and they may avoid buying this product.

  • Dimensions of the curtains are 84×54 inches or 7X4.5ft.
  • Waterproof nature made up of PVC fabric for durability.
  • Set of two is also available at a lower price as compared to the single unit.

Things We Like 

  • Lower price for the genuine built quality of these curtains.
  • Easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about the design.
  • Match with all types of the color scheme of the bathroom due to being transparent.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Can’t provide privacy as these are transparent.

3. KHUSHI CREATION PVC Waterproof 8 Hooks 3D 52X82 Inch Shower Curtain


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The very next design of curtain is totally similar to the previous one but half the price which can make you grab some of the best advantages without any issue. Buying KHUSHI CREATION PVC Waterproof 8 Hooks 3D 52X82 Inch Shower Curtain will make you eradicate the budget issue, and the built quality is also nice for sure.

It is also made up of PVC material, and you can expect better durability. In case you are expecting privacy, then it might not fulfill the need because it is a transparent curtain, and you can find a bubble design on it. During the night, this bubble design looks impressive, and it can easily enhance the overall looks of your home; that’s why you can rely on it without having any issue.

  • Made up of PVC material for better durability.
  • A transparent material with the bubble design on top.
  • Eight hooks are included with the purchase of this curtain.

Things We Like 

  • Easily match with décor or color scheme due to transparent material.
  • Durable product of choice because it is made up of PVC material.
  • Pocket-friendly choice because it is available at a very affordable price point.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The size or dimensions of the curtain are not suitable for high ceilings.
  • Transparent curtains mean trouble with privacy.

4. Kuber Industries PVC Shower Curtain with 8 Rings

Kuber Industries PVC Shower Curtain

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For those who want 7 feet long wall curtains, Kuber Industries PVC Shower Curtains can fulfill the desire for them because it has a premium build quality, great design and number of positive reviews. Affordability is another factor to love it. Coming to the built quality, it is also made up of PVC material which will be waterproof and repellent at the same time to never stick water on curtains.

Kuber brand is reviewed as the value for money choice, but the only drawback about this product is size limit. You are getting a seven feet long curtain. No doubt that it is enough for many but if you want extra size then this product is not going to fulfill the need that’s why you have to be selective and think about various factors for sure.

  • Transparent material along with the bubble design, similar to the previous one.
  • Available in length of 7 feet and 9 feet long, enough to fulfill the need of many buyers.
  • You can choose the number of units and decide the best one with ease by using this method.

Things We Like 

  • Reliable choice due to the perfect mix of affordability and quality factor.
  • Going to last for years due to premium build quality and great design.
  • Ability to choose between a number of curtains can save you extra bucks on more units.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The same issue as the previous one, Transparent material means lower privacy.

5. HouseyWousey Polyester Striped Waterproof Shower Curtain with Rings

HouseyWousey Polyester Striped Waterproof Shower Curtain

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The last product in our choice is definitely coming for the price of our top pick, but it has a slightly different design with a premium finish. It is made up of PVC material but the design is absolutely killing the other patterns mentioned in our list. It is also a transparent unit, but it is semi-transparent. Privacy isn’t an issue with this unit; that’s why you can like it and grab the amazing deal for sure.

It easily fits and enhance the décor but the best thing is, the size of the curtains is large enough to cover the bathing zone. You just need a single curtain to hide the bathtub area. Durability isn’t any concern about this product. The only reason to place this product in the last of the list is the price; otherwise, this one is a great unit if you have a good budget to go after.

  • Thick PVC is used in manufacturing for higher durability.
  • Semi-transparent pattern will provide better privacy.
  • The large size and it has the dimensions of 72 inches x 80 inches.

Things We Like 

  • The single curtain is enough to cover the bathing zone.
  • Water repellent nature makes it perfect for your bathroom.
  • Design is impressive and reliable to enhance bathroom color scheme.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Few negative reviews for defected delivery or lower number of plastic eyelets.

Buying Guide for Shower Curtain

To get the best quality shower curtain for your bathroom, you can focus on plenty of factors. Still, you might miss important things. Hereafter proper research, we found that below mentioned five factors are important to consider –

  • Material – The difference between a room curtain and shower curtain is of material. Having fabric as material in the bathroom is a bad choice that’s why to consider polyester or PVC as the major factor to grab the best deal.
  • Design – Very few people have bathtubs in a home in India, and if you are willing to buy a bathroom curtain, then you must want to enhance the looks. So, always consider a reliable and matching design to get rid of all the issues. This method is reliable and helpful.
  • Repellent Nature – If the curtain is waterproof or water-repellent, then it is going to drop all the water. There is no way that you can face a single issue about the build quality of such products with this nature. It is also reliable to consider.
  • Dimensions – No doubt that if the curtain isn’t long enough to cover the bathing zone, then there is no benefit of buying it that’s why you should check out dimensions which can help you save extra bucks from making mistakes.
  • Return Policy – Shower curtains with return policy are safe to consider, and you can buy them without having any trouble with the quality or any other factor. Due to this, always reach terms of the return policy, so you don’t end up making any mistake.

Along with these factors, reviews matter a lot about the shower curtain. It can help you learn about the durability and price factor. Design is good enough to help you out. Keep it in mind that material should be water repellent and long enough to fulfill the need.

Note – Apart from the design factor, the thickness of the curtain is necessary to consider. It helps you grab the best deal with ease, and most of the people are not sure about this thing in the beginning, but they complain about poor durability. So, always consider it instead of only the low price.

Bottom Line

After going through these factors, you can easily find the perfect shower curtain and save extra bucks for sure. Keep it in mind that being selective is necessary to avoid getting into any issue. Hope, this guide will let you choose a suitable shower curtain and fulfill the need.

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