Top 5 Best Samsung Earphones in 2022 and Buying Guide

We spent a significant amount of our time at any segment of the day with our preferred devices, listening to music in a rush, or watching videos. We all like to listen to music on every occasion, whether we are in a good mood, in a bad mood, or just sitting spared. Our headphones have eventually become more than any accessory. The right pair will let you check out the music at a jam-pressed cafe or value a late-night film without upsetting your resting confederate. To get a good vibe from it, we need an excellent earphone which comes in our budget. 

Samsung has a variety of collections on earphones in the budget that anyone can afford with the number of features and fantastic sound quality. We have selected five headsets at affordable prices with incredible sound quality, which will guide you to get a perfect pair of earphones with the buyer’s guidelines.

Top 5 Samsung Earphones to Buy in 2022

1) Samsung EHS64 Earphone with Remote Note

Samsung EHS64 Earphone with Remote Note

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Samsung EHS64 EHS64AVFBECINU earphones with the remote note give a better vibe while listening to any music, podcast, or attending a call. This model has a compact design (canal phone) that makes you look more stylish whenever you wear it under a helmet and hat. It also gives you the top-notch sound quality while heading for gym or playing without compromising any kind of wire and outer sound resistance. 

It is compatible with the iPhone as well and has 3.5mm of an audio jack. Its speaker size is 30mm with a frequency of 18-20 kHz with the sensibility of 116dB, which has an impedance of 32 ohms. It contains a cable length of 120cm. This model comes with six months of manufacturing warranty.


  • Top-notch sound quality without any type of interruption
  • It comes with the attached microphone and gives the best calling experience
  • Affordable price anyone can buy it
  • Perfect product for long time usage


  • Low bass

2) Samsung Level U Bluetooth wireless earphone

Samsung Level U Bluetooth wireless earphone

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Samsung’s original level U Bluetooth wireless earphone has a fantastic necklace design and a great music experience. One can also talk over the phone with wireless technology. This model contains Bluetooth 4.1 version, which gives the fantastic uninterrupted clear sound quality with active pairing with smartphones and any sort of device. Additionally, it also provides the noise with cancellation experience for better audibility. It has the lithium-ion battery for the 11 hours of non-stop talking feature with 500 hours of standability battery backup in just a single charge. For charging purposes in the middle of its USB port is given and can be charged with any power adaptor or Power Banks. 

Its ergonomic design offers a comfortable ear adjustment and provides clear sound quality with 12mm of earbud size. It has the built-in feature of forwarding and backward music list with a play/pause button and can easily connect to the call directly without a touch phone screen to answer. 


  • Comfortable non-stop hearing design
  • Better battery backpack
  • Noise-cancellation feature
  • In-built button feature for a play/pause, forward and backward
  • Clear sound quality
  • Six months of product warranty


  • Less Bluetooth range so needs to carry the phone in a pocket

3) Samsung Earphones – GH59-11129H

Samsung Earphones - GH59-11129H

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Usually, this earphone comes with the box pack of Samsung mobile phones. These headphones are well known today for their reduced structure and the way that you can undoubtedly wear them under a cap or a helmet. Light and minimized enough for the rec center without giving up on sound quality, in-ear headphones are ideal for pretty much every circumstance you can consider tossing at them – running, biking, climbing, or mostly strolling around town. 

These headphones have a ton to offer. Agreeable to wear for expanded timeframes, these headphones likewise produce noteworthy sound quality with a sound mark that is consistent with life. It gives the top-notch sound experience and also perfect for long time use. It has 3.5mm of the audio jack and is comfortable with all types of devices.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere
  • Longer life span
  • Top-notch sound quality
  • Comfortable design


  • Cable breakage occurs after a long time of use

4) Samsung EO-HS130DBEGIN Earphone

Samsung EO-HS130DBEGIN Earphone

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Samsung EO-HS130DBEGIN earphone is simple in design and has the more comfortable earbuds that come in small, medium, and large sizes. It has 1.2m of balanced tangled free cable. It has a 3.5mm of the gold plated audio jack. Its ergonomic design gives it more control over the feature with better control in mic and sound quality. 

Also, it has the built-in microphone with volume plus/minus buttons and play/pause button. The perfect balance between the sound cleanliness and better bass tremble for more precise sound quality. Excellent product in affordable pieces with satisfying features. Finally, it comes with six months of manufacturing warranty.


  • Comfortable design
  • The perfect balance in sound clarity and bass
  • Comes with three sizes of ear tips(S/M/L)


  • After continued use, this might face some sound quality issues

5) Samsung C&T ITFIT Bluetooth Earphone 

Samsung C&T ITFIT Bluetooth Earphone

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Today, clients have no deficiency of alternatives with regards to spending headphones. In any case, discovering one that is affordable, yet extraordinary in quality isn’t simple. Samsung C&T expects to help settle on the decision somewhat simpler by offering a dependable, yet affordable headphone as the ITFIT Wireless Deep Bass headphone. This earphone has five amazing features like a 6 hours battery for non-stop music playing without any disturbance in just a single charge. 

It also has a 10mm earphone driver for more comfort and better sound quality. The Hands-free operation features of controlling calls and music without touching your smartphone mean you can control them from your earphone. The magnetic earbuds are given for whenever you don’t listen to your music, and then you can tighten them with magnetic earbuds and hang them on your neck for tangled free use. Plus, these wide-ranged ITFIT earphones come within an affordable price, then what else do you need.


  • Affordable price
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Larger battery backup
  • Better sound quality


  • Doesn’t support deep bass

What to Look for While Buying an Earphone?

Here are some tips that everything you need to know about earphone while buying earphones:

  • Drivers

These are the things that play an essential role, and they are usually made of magnet, voice coil, diaphragms. If an earphone contains more drivers, then they will produce a great sound.

  • Sensitivity

For a better full music experience, you need to focus on the specification of earphone’s sensitivity. Usually, earphones contain 85 – 110 dB/mW of sensitivity.

  • Impedance

Impedance is the required power to play music on earphones. Most mobile devices have enough capacity to pass on the fundamental power to the headphones, so those requiring lower impedance can utilize full power to pass on staggering sound. Those requiring higher power will, in all probability, be unable to pass on their 100% without a committed wellspring of power. Generally, 16 Ohms is a fair impedance number for headphones.

  • Frequency Response

Frequency response is a major of frequencies in earphones while playing any audio. The lower frequency is for bass and larger for the tremble. The usual rate of the frequency response is 20-20000Hz in most of the devices.

  • Cord

Bluetooth regularly has a 30m domain and may not sound as uncommon as some other wired earphones due to battery or range issues. Underwired earphones, don’t go with a rubber-coated line as it tangles viably and gets hurt early. So, always go for the one that has a better design language.

  • Design and Comfort

Whenever you go to buy any earphones, then you must check the size of earbuds if you’re a long time listener. After all, visual aesthetics has a huge role to play during your choice for the best earphones.

Concluding Words

After doing all types of research for your earphones, don’t forget to go through the review section on that commercial site to get more ideas about it. One can select any earphone among the above-mentioned list after reading the buying guide section. Just bear in mind that, if you are a Samsung fan, or you love Samsung earphones in general, these are some of the finest choices for you. 

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