Top 10 Best Safety Shoes Brand and Buying Guide

Safety shoes are extremely important at certain workplaces and factories or whenever you stroll out of your house to industrial locations. Reason? Although it might sound unconvincing, almost 25% of disability of foot are caused due to accidents at workplaces. Accidents at offices aren’t a rare fact and can cost the company huge expenses if prompt actions are not taken immediately.

Many countries have been upfront for implementing tougher policies in terms of the work safety of their employees. The importance of the use of safety shoes thus comes into being. In industrial factories like manufacturing units, chemical and fertilizer plants, construction sites, fishing industries, protective safety shoes ensure healthy feet and the required protection. Moreover, they protect the workers from electric shocks as well.

Unfortunately, in majority of the work areas, only one out of four victims working in any kind of grave jobs wear any type of protective equipment for the foot. It is therefore important to raise proper awareness regarding the importance of safety shoes.

Top 10 Best Safety Shoes Brand

1) Neosafe A5014_8 Bull PU Leather Safety Shoes

Neosafe A5014_8 Bull PU Leather Safety Shoes

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The Neosafe safety shoes are known to have been manufactured and technologically designed to ensure no damage from harsh forces. The sole material used in the manufacturing of these shoes is high-quality single density PU injection molded soles. The key feature of this brand of safety shoes is the steel toe protective mechanism. This also helps them to be anti-skid, which in turn makes these shoes to be the perfect personal protection equipment for feet.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable and economical
  • Sturdy and great for industrial use


  • A bit heavy ford daily use

2) ACME Storm Leather Safety Shoes Black

ACME Storm Leather Safety Shoes Black

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These shoes are manufactured at ISO certified plants.  The special feature of ACME shoes is the robotic arms precision manufacturing technique used for designing. Similarly, the upper parts of the shoe are stitched by skillful laborers under supervision.  This monitors the quality and helps in ensuring its durability.

The materials like triple-density soles coupled with PU TPU, PU RUBBER enhance the strength of the leather. Although these shoes are more comfortable to be worn if you have sitting jobs, they can also be worn if your work involves standing for long intervals of time


  • Is comparatively light in weight as compared to other brands
  • Wide range of options across all safety standards
  • High sole electrical resistance


  • Finding the perfect size could be slightly difficult due to the strong nature of leather

3) ACME Ketone Leather Safety Shoes Black

ACME Ketone Leather Safety Shoes Black

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These shoes from ACME are tested and certified from major labs across the nation. Therefore, quality and durability are properly ensured. The shoe is very comfortable and light-weighted. Reviews by customers in various sites suggest that there is no fatigue even after continuous use of these shoes. Users will not face any problem even if the shoes are worn during rainy days.


  • PU sole for enhanced safety and comfort
  • Powder-coated and rust-proof steel toe cap with 200 joules impact resistance


  • Slightly expensive

4) ACME Sodium Genuine Leather Brown Safety Shoes

ACME Sodium Genuine Leather Brown Safety Shoes

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This pair of safety shoes is one of the few models in the safety shoe collection that can also help you upgrade your style and make your style flawless. Crafted with genuine leather, the upper part of the shoes has been stitched with fine quality brown horse grain buffalo leather.  The cushioning system between the sole and insole provides extra comfort to the user


  • Reduces feet fatigue
  • Great fittings for every size of feet


  • There could be a few more color options

5) Allen Cooper 1156 Men’s Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper 1156 Men's Safety Shoe

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The main feature of the shoe is the moisture-wicking breathable fabric lining. Along with this, the steel toe is efficiently designed for protecting the toes. It is oil and acid resistant as well as anti-static. The lace-up closure ensures a balanced fit coupled with comfort. The premium Baltic leather provides the necessary strength and durability to the life of the shoes.


  • Effectively protects your feet from hazardous materials
  • Looks stylish
  • Made from suede leather with black corduroy


  • Electrical protection need to be upgraded

6) Tiger Men’s High Ankle Leopard Steel Toe Safety Shoes

Tiger Men's High Ankle Leopard Steel Toe Safety Shoes

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These safety shoes incorporate Barton print leather, shock resistance features, puncture-proof sole, crush-proof toe cap, and high cut boots. The user-friendly in the ergonomic design makes this model one of the best options to opt for.


  • Oil and acid resistant
  • Anti-static in nature


  • A bit expensive as compared to the quality

7) Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe

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This model of industrial safety shoe ensures to deliver the protection, comfort, and durability regardless of your work in hand. The pasting features are excellent. The high quality of leather ensures a perfect fit and makes the product long-lasting. The shoes will help you deliver your work much efficiently with the strength and support it provides. Moreover, it significantly helps to protect your foot from ankle twisting, falling objects, or compressions.


  • Heat resistance
  • Full-grain leather
  • Slip-resistant PU
  • Penetration resistant


  • It is a bit difficult to find the perfect match of shoe size

8) Allen Cooper AC 1170 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe

Allen Cooper AC 1170 Hi-Ankle Safety Shoe

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This leather safety shoe made with cemented construction has the special feature of ladder treads to compliment slip resistance. Designed with optimum technological advancements, safety shoes will protect your feet from any dangerous external factors whatsoever.


  • Imported non-metallic 30% polymer
  • Lining with Abrasion resistance


  • Ankle support could be better

9) Hillson TC07HLS0133_Size 5 7 Star Safety Shoes

Hillson TC07HLS0133_Size 5 7 Star Safety Shoes

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These shoes have reinforced ties and resilient material that effectively protects the workers from airborne matter, chemicals, electrical, heavy objects, and other kinds of bio-hazards. The flexibility offered by the laces provides a firm grip to your feet.


  • Abrasion resistance
  • An exclusive array of options


  • Slight biting in case of sensitive skin

10) Neosafe A7008_9 Brown Aura, Low Ankle Royal Look Safety Shoes

Neosafe A7008_9 Brown Aura, Low Ankle Royal Look Safety Shoes

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The special tango print brown grain leather gives this pair of safety shoes a premium look. It is manufactured as per S1 safety standards. This is particularly helpful in workplaces like power plants, cement and construction units, and oil or automobile factories.

These shoes are also very effective to absorb electrical shock and resist huge temperatures.


  • Perfect for hazardous workplaces
  • Heat resistance up to 120 degrees Celsius


  • Heel counter could be stronger

Buying Guide for the Best Safety Shoe

When choosing the safety shoes to suit your requirements, you must take into consideration several criteria. Most importantly, the brand you choose you to invest your money in must meet the security norms concerning the risks which are related to your business. The following factors must be looked in to during the purchase of safety shoes:

  • Protective mechanism

All safety shoes must be EN ISO 20345:2011 complaint, which means that they must be equipped with an anti-crushing toe cap. Such a cap can also resist the impact of around 200 joules.

  • Minimum Anti-Slip

Safety shoes must be designed to be anti-slippery on greasy and oily surfaces in the industrial areas.  It is also necessary to check if they are hydro-carbon resistant. The soles must be classified as anti-perforation soles and anti-static.

The property of being anti-static holds special importance in environments likely to have electrical discharges or fire retardant, and welding workshops.

  • Waterproof

One of the most important aspects of a safety shoe is that it must be water-resistant.  Such shoes are usually manufactured with polymeric materials. The materials that are chosen further help to determine the weight and durability of the safety shoes.

  • Comfort

Without being said, always give a try to the safety shoes you are planning to buy. Comfort is a must have in workplaces, especially when one has to work for extended amounts of time.


Safety shoes are a must for every workplace. The assistance from our buying guide and the list of the best safety shoes will help to select the best safety shoes to suit your needs and requirements.

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