10 Best Note Counting Machines in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Counting cash notes with the hand is one of the typical tasks when you have to count more than 30 notes in one go. Most people face issues counting a large amount and if you have a work where time is money then you should opt for the purchase of Note counting machine.

Best Note Counting Machines

There are plenty of brands to manufacturer note counting machine in India and you can choose some of the best one but if you don’t know that which one is perfect then we can help.

Here, we are mentioning the top 10 products which can help with the purchase and help you get the perfect deal.

Best Buy Currency Machines Online In India

As there are many brands and a huge variety, finding the perfect one seems typical. Due to such reasons, we made a list of top 10 products based on quality, effective working, accuracy, and such other features. Let’s check our top pick

1. GOBBLER GB-8888-E

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Money counting machines with higher speed, effective working, and affordable prices in this list is GOBBLER Currency Counting Machine. It has the feature to detect detecting UV and MG while counting notes. It can work with all the currency and it supports the 2000 rupees note also.

Apart from design, this product has an automatic start and stop batch which makes it work without any time wastage. It has two small displays to count the number of notes and tell you about a few other things that’s why you can rely on this product.


  • Easy to use Design with auto batch counting
  • Automatically detect UV and MG while counting.
  • It has a UV sensor, Magnetic sensor, and watermark sensor.
  • It also automatically detects half note during the counting.

  • Simple but highly efficient in terms of counting notes.
  • Small micro touch switches enhance the UI and control.
  • It has the capacity to count 999 notes as max in one go.

  • It feels slow counting old notes and detecting the defected ones.

2. Office Bird Note Counting Machines

Office Bird Note Counting Machines

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Next up in our list is a bit expensive choice but one of the highly reliable to detect fake notes in a quick time. You can find out plenty of versions available in the same but this one is special due to effective working and easy to use options from the same.

It has UV and MG to detect defected or fake notes. The maximum batch capacity of this machine is to count 999 notes in one try that’s why it is reliable. You can try outputting the latest notes inside this machine that’s why this one is way better to prefer.


  • One of the ideal choice for loose notes or large bundles.
  • Provide quicker detection of fake notes with UV and MG.
  • It has the capacity to hold 1 to 999 notes in a single bundle.
  • Automatic start and stop button provide a better experience.

  • Put the bundle on the machine and it will be done in seconds.
  • Detect fake notes with the use of UV and MG technology.
  • Comes with extra buttons to add more notes and use the same.
  • Conveyor belt holds notes correctly and eradicates most of the basic issues.

  • The conveyor belt isn’t shipped with the product.

3. Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine

SkyFlag 2020 Notes Counting Machine

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One of the elegant design in the whole list is from Kores. As you can find from the name that this product support 440 types of currencies and you can easily use it in India for the rupee. It has features for USD and euro detection, mg detection, IR detection, and the last one is UV detection.

There is a single LED display to provide all the details and you can easily put the batch of 999 notes. Having additional buttons allow you to put more notes inside and count them with ease. This thing makes it an impressive choice.


  • It can detect Euro and Dollar using MG and UV technology.
  • Count 440 different currencies using this machine.
  • It has a counting speed of 900 notes per minute.
  • Display color automatically changes as per error.

  • Smart display change color for errors.
  • Start counting automatically after placing notes.
  • The counting speed of 900 notes per minute is great.
  • Works perfectly with all sizes of notes.

  • No Speed setting adjustment available.
  • The fewer negative issue about tearing notes.

4. STOK ST-MC01 Notes Counting Machine

STOK ST-MC01 Notes Counting Machine

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Having the smart feature to detect fake notes and letting you know about it can help to save your time and money. In India, fake currency isn’t common but if you get one, then you no option else than tearing it apart or making any complaint. Due to this, you can rely on the STOK ST-MC01 Notes Machine.

This machine has a super simple design to work flawlessly and count notes at a quick speed. It can work for 10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 and 2000 rupees notes that’s why it is a better choice. The capacity to count 1000 notes in one minute makes it impressive.


  • It supports notes of 10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 and 2000 rupee.
  • Easily carry the stack of 300 notes in a single go.
  • Has features to self-ex animate the currency and detect fake notes.

  • Detect fake currency from the old and new design.
  • Two different modes for easier operation, Auto, and Manual.
  • It has the speed to count 1000 notes in a single minute.
  • Detect half note, defected notes and such other.

  • It works effectively for crisp notes only, not for the fragile ones.

5. BME Fully Automatic Note Counting Machine

BME Fully Automatic Note Counting Machine

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A design with a fully automatic system to detect fake notes can help to avoid all the common issues. Using BME Fully Automatic Note Counting Machine can help you get a smooth experience and eradicate issues due to defected or fake notes.

This machine has a huge capacity and you can keep a large number of notes inside it that’s why this product is better and reliable. You can put the old version of the Indian rupee and this machine will work fine for them also.


  • Support the latest and the old version of Indian currency.
  • Automatic detection for fake notes using UV, IR, and MG.
  • Large LCD display to provide all the necessary details.

  • Easily count more than 999 notes in a single batch.
  • Comes with one year of warranty on purchase.
  • For the price, it is a reliable and excellent choice.
  • Doesn’t require touching any buttons to count notes.

  • If notes are not stacked properly, it can jump and doesn’t count.

6. SkyFlag 6700 Mix Value Compatible

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Buying a note counting machine that is compatible with the old and new version of the currency makes a big difference in business. It allows you to count notes with ease and the smart detection technology help avoiding the basic issues with the fake currency.

It automatically starts, stops, and has the option to clear itself in a quick time. You get plenty of features with buttons to store some values inside. The speed of this machine is 900 notes in one minute which can make you buy this product.


  • Compatible with the old and new version of currency.
  • It has a double note detection sensor based on IR.
  • It can calculate notes from 10 Rs to 2000 Rs.
  • Detect fake notes using IR, UV and MG sensors.

  • Comes at affordable price point.
  • Designed with perfection to count old and new notes.
  • Smart sensors let you find fake notes in a batch.
  • The speed to count 900 notes in one-minute feels impressive.

  • The plastic body doesn’t feel durable and genuine at all.

7. Swaggers Black Pro Latest Updated

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To save your time and labor costs, this Swaggers Note/Money Counting Machine helps you the best in counting the currency notes and finding the fake notes.  It is very easy to use, as one has to press the needed button to get the task done.


  • It is best for counting most of the currency notes in the world.
  • It supports various functions such as adding, batching, and self-examination system.
  • It features automatic half-note detection.
  • It easily detects the double notes using the IR detection system.
  • It uses UV and Magnet to detect fake notes.

  • Two features such as ADD to count bills in adding and BATCH to count bills in the batch
  • Saves time and labor costs
  • Finds out fake notes easily

  • There is no warranty for the product

8. Mycica Currency Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

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If you are looking for a currency counting machine that has both automatic and manual control options, then you can go with this model. It is well-known for its counterfeit currency notes detection. The counting speed is good in this machine.


  • It has two modes such as auto-start and manual start options to count the currency notes.
  • It features automatic UV counterfeit detection and automatic magnetic counterfeit detection.
  • It has an “Add” mode that allows the user to add the number of the counted notes to the already displayed number.
  • It has a batch mode that allows the user to set some limits for counting the notes.
  • It warns the user with a sound error indicator when it finds chained notes, double notes, jammed banknotes, half note, and counterfeit note detection.

  • The counting speed is 1000pcs/min
  • It has an external LED display for showing the counts

  • Some customers are not happy with the quality of the machine

9. SToK Currency Counting Machine

SToK Currency Counting Machine

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To count all the new denominations like 10, 20, 50, 200, 500, 2000 INR notes, this SToK Currency Counting Machine would be a great choice. The machine is built with the latest and advanced technology.


  • It does not provide the value of the currency notes.
  • It has the fake detection function to check the fake currency notes as well as double notes.
    It uses the latest technology for detection such as the magnetic sensor, UV sensor, and watermark sensor.
  • The machine has an external display so that the second party can check the counts.
  • It features automatic start, stop and clearing functions along with batching, adding and self-examination functions.

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and precisely equipped with advanced technology

  • The quality of the product is not satisfying many users

10. GOBBLER PX5388 Business-Grade Note Counting Machine

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To get the accurate currency counting results, one can go with the purchase of GOLDSTANDARD Portable Currency Counting Machine. It is ergonomically designed to find out the fake currency and double notes. It has various detection sensors in it.


  • It features convenient operations with its vivid LCD and detecting sensors.
  • The device is specifically designed to count only Indian currencies of both old and new notes.
  • It has a metal thread scanning option for optional counterfeit detection.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast counting speed
  • Fake note detection indicated through a red screen with sound alert
  • Metal thread detection
  • User-friendly

  • Suitable for counting and detecting Indian currencies only

List of Best Note Counting Machines

Benefits of Using Money Counting Machines

The currency counting machines are beneficial in many things, so here are some benefits of a money counting machine.


Just think if you got 1000 notes of 1 dollar in your hand. How much time will you take to count and verify the notes? In just several seconds using their advanced technology, it can get your work done.

Easy to Use

This type of machine can be used by anyone because you just need to put some notes in the front arm of the machine and press start. Anyone can learn to use the device.

Detection of Counterfeit Notes

It detects the counterfeit (fake) note and lets you know which note is fake and which notes are real in the bunch of notes so you can eliminate fake currency by using these machines, and most of the banks do that.


These machines are not just speedy but also pretty accurate like if machines show a count of 100, you can rely on its output because those are made to be accurate.

Buying Guide for Note Counting Machine 

After hearing so many advantages of currency counting machines, you might have questions like what to see in a currency counter or how to choose a perfect note counting machine that suits your requirements. So down below are some facilities provided by the currency counting machine.

Counting Speed

Speed is the main factor. You are buying such a machine to make your work easy and speedy, so check the speed of the currency counting machine. More speed means less time So choose one which has a higher counting speed.

Hopper Size

Hopper size means the number of notes a machine can take in a single run as the capacity to take notes, choose a machine with larger hopper size. More speed can save more time because you need to refill it multiple times. So, take a machine which has a goof hopper size as well as good speed which gives you a flow less experience.

Multi-Currency Support

If you want a currency machine that can count more than one type of currency, so that kind of machine is available in the market, find one which gives you various currency options.

Fake Note Detection

There are approximately $220 million fake notes in circulation, so to eliminate those fake notes and be protected by the people who give you that type of notes, this can be a great feature you should look for.

After seeing all this, just take one which fits in all the categories and attracts you the most hope you all get an excellent currency counter for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the note counting machine?

Currency Notes counting machine is a mechanical or electrical device that helps you to count a bunch of loose notes and give the count of notes or the amount of money.

These machines are used in vending machines to count the amount of entered money or get used in banks to count the notes easily and quickly to save their time and have high accuracy.

2) How does a note counting machine work?

It is controlled by a microprocessor, and a mechanical structure helps to pull notes. The scanner scans one note at a time and based on how many times the beam of light is interrupted, and by that machine knows how many notes have been passed through the machine.

3) How does a fake note detector work in a note counting machine?

It also has the technology to determine if notes are genuine or not, and it determines the genuineness of cash as per note’s unique designs. Most of the machines use the black light technology to illuminate the notes, which have the fluorescent symbols printed on them; this is a very effective way to determine that note is fake or real.

4) How fast does the note counting machine work?

All of these happen in a fraction of seconds, and I always get stunned by seeing that machines speed a remarkable creation. And if the note is passed through the machine, then it informs that it is the fact that all those are real and genuine notes. Generally, the machine has a high accuracy of counting 1000 notes in one minute.

5) Can we repair the note counting machine at home?

Of course, you guys can repair it on your own, but you should have good knowledge of electronics and mechanical instruments. For those who don’t have much knowledge about it, I hope that you all guys know how to use the internet or sites like YouTube.

How To Choose The Best Note Counting Machine?

After considering our top 6 products, you may be wondering what factors we considered to find out the best product. So, here we are mentioning the major factors that we looked after and you can also check the same to find the right product.

  • Effective Working – We decided to buy a note counting machine that is reliable and doesn’t tear notes. It can be learned from reviews that’s why we considered reviews to find out the product with effective working.
  • Capacity – A note counting machine with the capacity of 500 notes seems reliable. Due to this, we made a list of products which can count such a number of notes.
  • UV and MG Sensor – Having these two sensors lets you detect fake notes and these sensors help with the accuracy also.

Considering these factors, we opted for the genuine counting speed, higher capacity, compatibility with the old and new version of notes, and the last one is their affordability.

Bottom Line

Considering our top picks and the above-mentioned tips will help you find the perfect product as per your need. Make sure that you check reviews and find negative ones with images to understand why that product isn’t suitable for your specific need.

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