Top 5 Best Letter Boxes In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Although the world has moved far more places into the modern eternity, there are some things that will never go out of the window. Certain things will always tend to retain it’s value all over. Letter box is one such thing. Having been there since ages, this one still makes up for the same charm that it used to hold. It’s often as if the first thing we check in the morning is the letter box for any mails or impending letters.

Letter boxes are one of the most practical things ever and are our outlet for receiving and containing the letter. They tend to be one of the best receptacle for any of incoming mail at a private residence or even at a business place. You can simply place it in and any incoming mails would be delivered to your doorstep and placed in it. That way you can then simply take the mails our and read them as per your liking.

These come in different forms like slot in the wall form or in box form attached to the building or even the centralized form. We take upon the plethora of letter boxes available in the market and put them to the test to determine the best of the lot. Read along.

Benefits of Having a Letter Box

Letter boxes come with a plethora of benefits which still stands true to these days. They tend to be a medium of perfect option for keeping letters safe and all.

Here’s us with the benefits of this one.

1. Highly Durable

Letter boxes or mail boxes as we know are highly durable and tend to last over the long period of time. They are made from different materials like wood, steel or plastic and each come with their own set of benefits. These tend to be durable and will offer you service for a long instance.

2. Contemporary design

It’s not as if the letter boxes are bland and not good ones. They tend to come with contemporary designs and are one of the best piece of decorative to add to your home. They tend to come with the opportunity for you to make your home unique and gracious.

3. Safety

One great thing about the letter boxes is that they provide safety to your letters and mails. These tend to be one of the best options when it comes to keeping your letters and mails safe. They help you against any vandalism and that will let you reach out to your important bills and keep them safe.

Top 5 Best Letter Boxes In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Here’s us with the take on the best ones among the plethora of options available in the market. The following ones have been selected on the basis of multiple factors like durability, safety, contemporary status, price and more.

Go through the list and you’d be certain to find the best for yourself.

1. Klaxon Metal Mail Box/Letter Box (Black)

Klaxon Metal Mail Box

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The first pick of our list goes to the one from Klaxon. Klaxon have been known for their high quality products over the time and this one doesn’t tend to disappoint either. Their products are known for better performance and good safety levels.

This one comes with an iron body that is strong and durable to the core. It also has a high quality metal used along that is non corrosive in nature. It has been made in such a way that the letter box is moisture proof and tend to resist to any changes in the outside temperature. It also allows for a lock system so that your mails are safe and secure.

It comes with all the fixtures and fittings pre-included inside the box and is priced pretty reasonably. It is also one of the top sellers of the bunch and hence is worth the buck you spend for.

Things we like

  • Easy to use
  • High quality material
  • Resistance to temperature changes
  • Secured lock system

Things we didn’t like

  • Some may find the design as plain

2. Klaxon Metal Mail Box/Letter Box (Red)

Klaxon Metal Mail Box

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Next up again we have Klaxon making the headlines for us. It comes with a strong and sturdy base that features high grade metal. The product is extremely durable and tends to last to the core. It comes with a red and ivory color combination and has a highly durable shine along with high strength. It also features perfect foil for the daily life.

This one just like the predecessor which featured resistance to change and moisture proof which makes it extremely sturdy to use for. It also comes with a perfect size that makes it useful to hang out in the outside of home or any other place like entry of your apartment. It features a dimension of 28 cm x 8 cm x 33 cm.

This also has a secure lock system so that your mails and letters are kept safely inside of it. It also tends to be more stylish and emphatic color looking than other options.

Things we like

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Secured lock
  • Stylish design

Things we didn’t like

  • Some may find the color combination alluring

3. Lepose High Grade Metal Mailbox/Letter Box(Black)

Lepose High Grade Metal Mailbox

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Placed at third in our list is the one from from Lepose with its high grade metal letter box. This one is a perfect choice for people who have been longing for the nice bit of mail box to have in their home. This one comes with a high quality metal that is resistant to any changes occurring in the temperature and further features is moisture proof.

It has a plain black design which is one of the classical pieces around. It also comes with a lock design that will help to keep the mails safe from the inside. It also features a perfect allure of the design, sturdiness, look and features that make it a good worthy investment.

Things we like

  • High grade metal
  • Lock safe capacity
  • Moisture proof

Things we didn’t like

  • Look may be bland for some liking

4. Lamba’s Wall Mounted Plastic Letter Box (Standard Size, Orange)

Lamba's Wall Mounted Plastic Letter Box

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Placed at fourth in our list is the one from Lamba with its wall mounted letter box. This one is a bit different from the ones we’ve looked so fat with this being the plastic base letter box. This one comes with a standard size and is colored bright yellow for eye catching looks.

It has weather proof designs and features quite a sleek design that makes it certainly a piece to have for. It is a perfect option for home and office and comes with secure lock system. It also comes with solid wall fixings that will help it to stay in place and has two keys for the locks.

Things we like

  • Weather proof design
  • Bright orange design
  • Secure lock system

Things we didn’t like

  • Plastic body

5. Impulse International Heavy Metal Wall Mount Mail Box- Letter Box (Black)

Impulse International Heavy Metal Wall Mount Mail Box

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Rounding up our list at the fifth entry is the one from Impulse with its heavy metal based letter box. This one is highly durable option and comes with a wall mount option. It also features panel/flap that allows it to prevent it from the rain entering into the box.

It comes with a magazine holder and has quick slots to hold in the incoming letters. It also comes enough spacious place to have a A4 sized letters. It has a strong lock system and a built quality. It can be useful for storing and keeping safe the mails and letters inside.

Things we like

  • Heavy metal design
  • Spacious design
  • Strong lock system

Things we didn’t like

  • Bland design


There are quite a few letter boxes making great marks in the market and we lined them all to find the best of the lot. These aforementioned ones passed the test with flying colors and are part of the best five of the lot. We hope you find this useful for yourself.

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