Top 6 Best Clothes Drying Stands in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Drying clothes is an old habit that we follow in India. We prefer air drying of clothes rather than using an electric drier. Earlier in the time, we used to tie ropes on a rooftop and hung our clothes for drying. But these days dwelling in apartment, flats and other quarters has reduced the use of rooftops. Not everyone is blessed with a spacious and separate roof to dry the clothes.

The next best available option which many opted for is electric driers. These drier are expensive, fades clothes and weaken the fabric. Using an electric drier regularly increases electricity consumption, resulting in high electric bills. Hence, to avoid paying heavy electricity bills and also hanging clothes on balconies and other places, one should think of buying a drying stand.

A drying stand is compact and collapsible, which can be placed either in a balcony or other rooms. Drying stand is a perfect solution to air dry the clothes, they are neat, clean and available in a variety of shapes.

Using a drying stand help clothes dry evenly without any wrinkles. They help in cutting down electric bills and increase the life of the clothes. Drying stand is a suitable solution to dry clothes in winter even for those who enjoy having a separate roof.

In this article let’s see the things to consider while buying a drying stand and also the top drying stand in the Indian market. Consider these points shared here while buying your drying stand.

Different Types of Drying Stand Available in India

Once you are certain that drying stand is the best option for you the next step is determining the type of drying stand that is suitable for your needs. The 6 fundamental types of drying stand are as follows:

Foldable drying stand

This space-efficient drying stand is a multi-purpose one. Foldable drying stand is flexible and can be stored away easily. This type of stand can be used around anywhere in a home from balconies to rooms.

Garment drying stand

This type of stand is neither foldable nor collapsible. They usually have wheels, which makes it easy to transport and the double rods help in hanging the clothes for drying.

Tower drying stand

This type of stand is suitable for tiny homes or places with space constraints. Tower drying racks are tall and have multiple layers for the hanging of the clothes to dry.

Accordion drying stand

It is a wall-mounted drying stand that can be used for a small number of clothes such as baby clothes and hand towels. Accordion drying stand can be folded back to the wall when not in use.

Hanging drying stand

This type of drying stand can be opted by the ones that have no floor space at all to dry clothes. The stand will be hung from the ceiling like a curtain rod on which the clothes are dried.

Best Buy Cloth Drying Stands Online in India

Now let’s see the best and top 5 cloth drying stand in India.

1. Celebration Fast dry cloth dryer stand

Celebration Fast dry cloth dryer stand

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The first drying stand in our list is celebration fast dry stand. This foldable drying stand is apt for the needs of apartment dwellers and anyone suffering from space constraints. Celebration drying stand is made of steel and powder coated for long life and stability.

The foldable stand is light in weight, which means they can be stored and moved easily. The stand is 42 feet in width providing enough space to easily dry one load of clothes in a single go. The design of the stand was made for the comfort and convince of the women for easy usage.

Features of the stand

  • The height of the stand is moderate, suitable for handing clothes without having to bend.
  • Crisscross: the legs of the celebration drying stand is crisscross in shape making it more stable to hold to the weight of the clothes


  • Light weight
  • Additional wings for extra space
  • Coated rods that are rustproof
  • Plastic bushes on the feet of the leg to avoid starches on the surface when moved.


  • Bad quality of paint
  • Cannot hold on to 40kg of clothing weight as promised by the manufacturer.

2. Magna Home wares Advanced Series Grandis

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Magna homeware Grandis series is a multi-layer cloth drying stand. It has two 2 polls and 3 layers with 6 wings alternatively provide enough space for drying the clothes. The stand is made of steel, yet the pipes on which the clothes are hanged are free from rust. The pipes are coated with polyester powder which prevents it from rust and stains.


  • The best feature of this cloth drying stand is that they can be adjusted at multiple heights according to the dimension of the clothes that need to be dried.
  • Apart from being multiple layers, the stand wings can be folded flat for easy transport and storage
  • The stand comes with a couple of additional plastic attachment to hang clothes fro drying like shirts and blouse.


  • The total available space on Magna homeware is 70ft, which can hold the clothing capacity up to 45kgs.
  • Steel rods and powered coated rods enhance the durability of the stand
  • The stand comes with 360-degree rotation for smooth and easy movement
  • The foldable nature of the stand makes it easy to store when not in usage.


  • The stand doesn’t come with a manual on set –up, hence for first time user it may be challenging to set the stand-up

3. Puffy King Jumbo Cloth drying stand

Puffy King Jumbo Cloth drying stand

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The name itself clearly mentions that the stand offers a large capacity to dry the clothes. The stand has six different holes, three on each side to hung clothes like shirts, blouses, and dress for drying. Further, it includes a rod on the top, which can be used to dry bed sheets and shawls.

The drying rods are equally spaced providing enough airflow between the clothes for comfortable drying. The good news is that the stand can be completely dismantled when not in use and stored easily.


  • The stand can be folded into different styles based on the needs of a person
  • The 360-degree wheel on the legs on the stand makes it easy to use and transport
  • The two additional arms of the stand is extra space for hanging clothes, which can be removed when not in use.


  • The material used in making the stand is waterproof and rustproof
  • Plenty of space for drying different types of clothes
  • The top two rods of the stand can be used for hanging larger clothes like saris and shawls.


  • Overpriced
  • Paint starts to wear out when used extensively.

4. TNC Premium Heavy Duty Cloth Drying Stand

TNC premium heavy duty cloth drying stand

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This is again a multilayer drying stand that is affordable and can dry a whole lot of clothes. The stand comes with 26 rods in total with enough space in between for airflow and fast-drying on the clothes.

The stand comes with two handing rods consisting of six holes on each side for drying hanging clothes. The stand is made of sturdy stainless steel for stability and durability. The stand can be placed anywhere in a home from laundry rooms to an outdoor area.


  • The stand can be folded in variable sizes for easy drying of the clothes. The middle and upper part of the stand can be folded away for drying heavy and long clothes like bed sheets.
  • The setting up of the stand takes only a couple of minutes. Just expand the rack into the upright and lock the bars.


  • The stand comes with 60ft of drying space with 25 kg of the holding capacity
  • The rods of the stand are made of stainless steel with an epoxy coating that keeps it free from staining and rusting.


  • Poor deliver in some places
  • Not very stable cloth drying stand

5. Bathla Mobidry Eze – Foldable Clothes Drying Stand

Bathla Mobidry Eze - Foldable Clothes Drying Stand

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This style of cloth drying stand is popular among the people looking for an indoor stand. The stand is suitable for all laundry spaces, as it is foldable and can easily accommodate the daily laundry. The entire Bathla cloth drying stand gives you good drying space and can be folded into a compact size to keep it in any corner.


  • The cloth drying stand is made of good quality steel, which adds to the durability of the product.
  • The stand was designed to be space-efficient and portable for using
  • Tough the product is made of stainless steel, it is waterproof and portable


  • The rods of the cloth drying stand in resistance of all kind of weather.
  • The design of the stand makes it easy to install
  • The stand is also lightweight for easy transport and storage
  • The stand comes with anti-skid shoes, which means the stand doesn’t lose its stability when pushed or moved accidentally.
  • The stand has a separate holder for hanging socks, hand towels, and other sanitary items.


  • The stand is not suitable for drying heavy clothes
  • The base of the stand is made of plastic, which may be broken when used for drying heavyweight clothing items.

6. TRENDY Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand

TRENDY Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand

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Cloth dryings are basic needs of a Household things and TRENDY jumbo cloth drying stand is the best match for all household types and perfect choice for any home that comes with all types of features. It drying stand combo with shoe rack as well they are even providing you 2 sets of soap stands which you can also wall mountable and the very elegant in looks. They are giving a 23 inches X 22 inches Height shoe racks so you can use it for keeps magazines, books clothes or many more things.


  • This drying stands best feature is moderate and can be adjusted in any type
  • The stand comes with many organizers with efficient shoe rack that which makes it perfect
  • The wheel on the legs on the stand it makes it easy to use and transport easily


  • This stand make with unbreakable plastic and rustproof body
  • It also comes with 2 fridge or 2 sets of soap stands
  • The design of the stands makes it easy to install
  • It comes with plenty of space for drying any types of clothes


  • Does not capable for bear heavy clothes

Things to consider while purchasing a cloth drying stand

Purchasing a cloth drying stand may appear to be simple and straight forward. But instead of investing in a random one, ensure the drying stand you pick serves the purpose.

As pointed out earlier a drying stands are available in a variety of size, shape, and material. But the important factors that have to be considered while buying a drying stand in as follows:

Size: the first factor you need to consider while buying a drying stand in the size. Depending on the number of clothes you usually wash and dry daily pick the right size. Too big or too small of a drying rack would just beat the purpose.

Space: the next important factor that one has to consider while purchasing a drying stand is the space of your place. Pick a stack able drying stand for smaller spaces as multi-layer drying stands is suitable only for broad and spacious balcony.

Material: the third factor for buying a drying stand is the material it is made of. Drying stands are available in plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood. Of all the materials, plastic is the best one. It is easier to clean and do not rust when exposed to the wetness of the clothes. Stainless steel is also a better option if you are looking for a strong and sturdy stand. Finally aluminum made with plastic offer best of two materials, rust-free of the plastic and also the lightweight of the aluminum material.

Stability: The last factor that helps determine which drying stand to pick is the stability of the stand. Most of the drying racks look like that can stand heavy load. But remember to check their maximum carrying capacity to see if they serve the purpose. As jeans, pants, and sweaters tend to increase their weight when wet. Picks a drying stand that has strong legs to hold on the weight without wobbling.

Bottom Line

Designer and fancy clothes are expensive. Extra care needs to be taken at the time of washing and drying to maintain quality. Some clothes are best dried without the use of chemicals and under a warm sun. In such cases, cloth drying stand comes in handy. The above-mentioned list of cloth drying stand is the best in the market.

Remember to keep the points mentioned under the titles “things to consider while purchasing a cloth drying stand” to pick the one that is best for your use.

Cloth drying stand is a practical solution to dry clothes in India especially during the winter season. The use of cloth drying stand is economic and saves electricity.

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