6 Best Bio-Metric Attendance System In India – Reviews and Buying Guide

Managing attendance may seem like a simple task but it is not. Especially, if an organization has thousands of employees, managing and monitoring attendance using registers and files can become a tedious process quickly. To eliminate the difficulty in the manual ink and paper process for managing attendance, a biometric system is commonly now used by large organizations. Your face and your fingerprints are the digital signatures of the biometric system. Using this system significantly reduces the time in monitoring the attendance and improves productivity in an organization.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much awareness of the biometric monitoring system. People don’t necessarily have any knowledge about what they are getting into when buying a biometric system. In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of the top biometric attendance system in the market to buy. There is also a buying guide to get to know specifically about the biometric attendance system.

6 Best Biometric Systems In India 2022 Reviews

1. ZKTeco TFT LCD Display Biometric Fingerprint Recorder Employee Attendance

ZKTeco TFT LCD Display Biometric Fingerprint Recorder Employee Attendance

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ZFTeco Biometric attendance system is one of the best in the market that is loaded with tons of features. It has an anti-fake function that finds the use of fake fingerprints. This innovative anti-fake function for the fake fingerprint is used to prohibit the phenomenon of clocking. So it guarantees the reality of the attendance data. The high-capacity fingerprint reader present in this system can store up to 3000 fingerprints of different users, and 100000 different attendance records. This fingerprint reader uses the infrared sensation and activation to save power. It also uses an anti-glare technique to minimize interference for the verification process. Thus, it achieves the ultimate precision when using the fingerprint reader. You can also use this fingerprint reader even if your finger gets wet.

The biometric system comes with a 2.8inch TFT display to provide all the attendance information to you.  It comes with a ZKTime.net 3.0 software with a stunning user interface from the manufacturer. This software gives you the complete time, attendance solution, and clock terminal for its users. It charges using the USB micro port that is present at the back.


Anti-fake function – This function eliminates the possibility of using fake fingerprints in this system.

High-capacity fingerprint – This system has the capacity to store up to 3000 fingerprints.


  • Quick fingerprint recognition
  • Built-in SSR Excel software
  • Good User Interface


  • User support could have been better

2. Silicon Wireless GPRS Biometric Attendance System

Silicon Wireless GPRS Biometric Attendance System

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It is a good standalone fingerprint time and attendance system for monitoring in and out status. The Silicon Wireless biometric attendance system has a GPRS interface for providing good security and proxy attendance control. This system also integrates with any kind of existing application that includes static and cloud applications. You can also easily operate this machine as it has a good user interface. It is highly secured with a password so no one can easily steal the attendance record. This biometric system also comes with an in-built memory to store the attendance data in the absence of the network. So it doesn’t rely only on the cloud for the storage. This premium quality attendance system comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.


Optional battery – This system can be used with or without a battery. For door access control, it can be used without the battery. For other purposes, it can be used with the battery.

Optional RFID access – You can use the attendance control with RFID in this system along with the fingerprint reader.


  • Easy data export and entry
  • Good GPRS interface
  • Wireless device
  • one year warranty


  • priced bit higher

3. Realtime Eco S C101 Biometric Attendance System

Realtime Eco S C101 Biometric Attendance System

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Realtime Biometric Attendance system is one of the best biometric attendance systems to buy in the market right now. It comes with a 2.4-inch multi-color display that vividly shows all the records. This biometric system can store up to 1000 fingerprints, 1000 RFID cards, and 1000 passwords. It has the capacity to store a total of 100, 000 attendance records. As stated, this system can do attendance control with different options like a fingerprint, RF Card, and Password verification.

The fingerprint sensor present in this biometric system is an optical one with a good verification speed of 0.6 seconds. It has an astonishing false rejection rate of less than 0.01% and a false acceptance rate of less than 0.0001%. So, users can securely store their data and verify it with this system. This biometric system has a built-in attendance management system. So it is easy to work with this system for attendance. The biometric attendance can be done using a USB with this machine. It also has an excel support for exporting the record data to the excel format quickly and easily. More! when buying this product, you get a five-month manufacturing warranty with it.


High record storage – It can store up to 1000 x fingerprints, 1000 x RFID cards, 1000 x passwords, and 100, 000 x attendance records.

High verification speed – The fingerprint verification works fast with minimal to no false positives and rejections.


  • Excel support
  • Five-month warranty
  • Built-in attendance management


  • The display could have been bigger

4. Uface 302 Biometric attendance machine

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Uface 302 is the first Biometric system in our list that has face authentication. This system is created by Essl security, so you can buy this product with confidence. It is a 4.3-inch touch screen display that sports all the records pertaining to the users. This system is capable of storing up to 3000 individual face records for advanced security. Along with it, this system is capable of storing 4000 fingerprints, 10,000 different ID card storage, and 1,00,000 transactional data. The free backup storage that comes with this system can store all the records. You can return the record from the backup storage in the event of any in-built storage failure.

The Uface 302 is a light-weight system weighing only 685 grams. The 2000 mAh battery present in it gives a good backup for this system. It is also designed with a user-friendly interface for easy navigation for storing or retrieving the records. With all these features going for it, this biometric system from Essl security is simply one of the best for maintaining the attendance.


High Verification speed – The fingerprint and face recognition system unlocks faster without any failure.

Easy to extend – the requirements and functions are easily customizable.


  • Face authentication built-in
  • High storage capacity


  • Price is high

5. Navkar Systems Coloured Biometric System

Navkar Systems Coloured Biometric SystemBuy From Amazon 

This Biometric system from Navkar Systems is a good value attendance maintenance system. It comes with different features that make it one of the best buys in the market. It has a variety of verification mode to log in the users and employees. They are fingerprint, face, RFID, ad password. The biometric system has the capacity to store up to 500 fingerprints and 1000 card storage. It can also store 50,000 transactions. The 2.8inch TFT display lets you see all the records with no difficulty. It also comes with a built-in battery backup that lasts for up to 2 hours.

The verification is high speed with this system that can unlock within a second. This system also comes with an option to control with one lock and exit button. With all these features, it is one of the best attendance monitoring and maintenance systems available in the market.


Variety of authentication methods – It comes with different authentication methods such as fingerprint, password, face, and RFID.


  • Batter backup up to 2 hours
  • Standard size


  • Record storage size is a bit low

6. Realtime Biometric Fingerprint based time and attendance system

Realtime Biometric Fingerprint based time and attendance system

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This Biometric system may be at the bottom of our list, but it doesn’t mean that its the worst. In fact, it is the best value for money system available in the market. This product comes with an ABS plastic designed material that looks sleek in black color. It has the capacity to store up to 1000 user fingerprints and 100000 attendance records. The biometric system is embedded with a Linux software that is easy to integrate with different systems.

The Realtime Biometric system comes with a 2.8inch TFT display for easy reading of the records. It also has the support for RFID card support authentication along with the fingerprint and password protection. This system also can handle report output in excel format. You can also download the records in the USB disk.


Variety of authentication systems provided – It has the support for fingerprint, RFID card, and password support for authentication.


  • Good value for money
  • Can store up to 100000 attendance records
  • Support for Excel output format


  • Authentication could have been faster

Buying guide for Biometric Attendance system

Many don’t have much experience with buying the Biometric attendance system as it is still a new system. And with so many systems that are available in the market, it can be a difficult process to choose the right one. If you are shopping for a biometric attendance system, then here are some of the things that you should look out for.

Track all time

The biometric system that you buy should not only take care of the time-related need such as user punch in and out. It should take care of all the user schedule and PTO management. The biometric system should also have the feature for job tracking and the log that includes the employee time on specific projects.

Mobile Compatibility

This is an important feature if you are traveling much. The biometric system should have the support of working with your mobile devices. It is needed if you want to access your record from anywhere. It is mainly useful for employees and managers who work from outside the office. This feature gives the managers information about employee attendance on their smartphone.

Ease of Use

This may not seem an important one. But trust me, it much needed in your biometric system. The system that you buy should have an uncluttered, easy to use interface. Most of the biometric system has a high learning curve and difficult to interact. This shouldn’t be the case with the system that you buy.

Proper Integration

First, check the type of software and database that you have. Then, buy the biometric system that is compatible with your software. The biometric system should also be easy to integrate with the application and software that you already use.

Proactive alerts

This is a useful feature in which the biometric system provides notification when employees forgot to clock in or out, or when they are nearing overtime. It helps in controlling the expenses.

Flexible and Accurate timekeeping

The biometric system should provide different ways to record the attendance and the time of the users. It may be through an internet-connected pc, smartphone, tablet, etc. Also, the attendance system should keep accurate timekeeping. It should record the actual time that they work.

Finally, let’s talk about the cost

The cost that you invest solely depends upon your preference. But investing in a higher-priced biometric system gives you a good system with tons of features. They include cloud-based backup storage. Here, the records of the users are stored in the cloud. So even if your system breaks, it doesn’t affect your data as it is stored in the cloud. You can also access the data anywhere you prefer to like your smartphone, tablet, pc, etc with the cloud storage option. But this feature does come with the added monthly service charge. You should pay the service fee monthly to keep storing the data in the cloud.

The other feature that you may get is the support for timelock. Many attendance systems come with the support for a timeclock to give you an added benefit of maintaining the attendance with the time. But it does come with a cost that varies based on the complexity of the clock. The above-mentioned features are not a must for everyone. It is based on the budget and specific requirements of each organization.


The biometric attendance system is getting popular among the growing organizations as it provides lots of benefits. But still, there is a room for awareness in the Biometric attendance system. We hope that our review and buying guide helps you in getting the best biometric authentication system for your organization.

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