Top 10 Best Aux Cables in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Going on a ride with your friends with songs playing in the background is one of the impressive things that can make you love the journey. In daily life, most of the people travel through their car and listening to music on high quality is the best feeling. Using wireless connection mode like Bluetooth is a great choice, but it takes time to connect, and there is a limit to the data transfer rate, which lowers the quality of sound.

In such situations, you can go after the purchase of an Aux cable which is much more versatile. You can use it to connect any smartphone with a 3.5mm jack. Along with these factors, you have the options to offer AUX cable to others, and they are also capable of playing whatever they want to. This is one of the best things about using an Aux cable. There is no limit of devices, and it is universal till this date.

Top Aux Cables List

Apart from these factors, there are so many brands to offer pretty good built quality which can easily help you grab the best deal. During the purchase, being selective in approach is important; that’s why we are here to assist you. We arranged a number of 10 products based on reliability and affordability factors mainly. Let’s get started by looking at all of them and learn about other key things

Best Buy AUX Cables Online in India

An Aux cable is a basic accessory in every car, and if you want the best one, then considering price, built quality and data transfer rate will help taking an easier call. Instead of keep talking, let’s jump to our top pick of choice and learn about the rest of the products

1. boAt AUX 500 Indestructible Male to Male Metallic Aux Audio Cable

boAt AUX 500 Indestructible

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boat become the most popular brand in India after the support of social media influencers. The quality and reputation of this brand are definitely high, which can make you think about the purchase of their products. boAt AUX 500 Indestructible Male to Male Metallic Aux Audio Cable is a reliable choice for an affordable price. The built quality is really good enough to make you grab the deal with ease.

The same Aux cable is available in two different colors, and it has a strong wire which will definitely give you the best durability as compared to the other choices that’s why you can rely on the purchase of this product over the selection of other ones. There is spaceship grade aluminum is used in both ends of the wire so that you don’t face any issue in the future.

  • Comes with two years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Polished metal so that you connect instantly and play music easily.
  • It is a heavy-duty aux cable with long-lasting durability from the same.

Things we Liked

  • 5 mm aux connector on both ends, the universal choice to go after.
  • Nylon braiding makes it highly reliable choice to go after.
  • It has spaceship grade aluminum used on connectors for durability.
  • The wire has a unique pattern, and it is long enough to reach the backseat area.

Things we Didn’t Liked

  • Fewer negative reviews about durability.

2. CableCreation 3ft Aux Cable

CableCreation 3ft Aux Cable

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If you want to get the best experience while playing music using your aux cable then you must go for the tangle free cables. These are highly reliable, and you can say that there is no other option which is such durable and better to consider as compared to the other choices. Cotton braided cables are highly soft and durable; that’s why you can rely on them without having a single issue.

With the purchase of CableCreation 3ft Aux Cable, 3.5mm Male to Male Auxiliary Audio Stereo Cord for Car, you can expect the best quality. It isn’t cheap, but it is the best one in term of quality, that’s why you can find it a highly reliable choice. It has TPE durable material along with the soft handle. Even, the universal compatibility ensures that you get the best experience using this aux cable.

  • Comes with two years of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • It offers you the super sound quality and easy to use experience.
  • Tangle free cable is made up of TPE material which is also durable.

Things we Liked

  • No issue with the durability, makes it highly reliable and better to consider.
  • It is offering you universal compatibility which is highly reliable choice.
  • The pattern of this aux cable is really impressive and match with interior easily.
  • The warranty ensures the best purchase of the built quality and design.

Things we Didn’t Liked

  • Bit expensive choice as you compare it with the competition in the market.

3. iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux Audio Cable

iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux Audio Cable

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No doubt that tough braided aux cables are highly reliable and better to consider as compared to the other options available in the market. There are plenty of choices available but this one just fits into the need due to long wire, impressive pattern and the design. All these things, combined with the affordability factor, ensure that you are grabbing the best deal in various manners.

It has 3.5mm male to make stereo option which will fulfill the need effectively. The sound quality from iVoltaa 3.5mm Braided Aux is highly impressive and you won’t find a single reason to avoid this purchase. Even, the durability factor is also great about this product which can help you understand whether to buy it or not.

  • Right Angled connector is a great choice for no mess with the wire.
  • Made up of highly reliable material which is strong enough to eradicate all issues.
  • Connectors are slim so if you have smartphone cover on, it won’t cause any trouble.

Things we Liked

  • It offers you high fidelity sound quality and providing maximum’s conductivity.
  • Available for the mid-range price point which seems affordable and easy to choose.
  • Comes with six feet long size, which means, easy to use from back seat also.
  • The black color with a basic strap pattern enhances the built quality and various other factors.

Things we Didn’t Liked

  • Comes with one year of warranty whereas other brands are offering two years of warranty.

4. Mivi AC6B Aux Audio Cable 

Mivi AC6B Aux Audio Cable

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Mivi is a great brand which offers plenty of music products and if you want to grab the best deal then you can easily focus on the purchase of this aux cable due to the built quality, design and various other factors. Mivi AC6B Aux Audio Cable is six feet long which is genuinely enough for the reach-in back seat area also. The connectors are made of high highs, and they are not going to break.

Polishing on the aux connectors helps you ease up when you are connecting your phone with the aux. In addition to this, there are extra-long cables which ensure the best quality. There are two different versions of the same available in the market. If you don’t want to get into any issue, then you must consider this choice as it is available for the mid-range price and it is genuine also.

  • Comes with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Tangle free cable to make no Hussle while connecting your phone to cable.
  • No lag or drawback in sound quality which will make it better choice.

Things we Liked

  • Available for mid-range price point and it feels cheaper or affordable surely.
  • Built quality is genuine and the in-hand feel is good to go after as compared to others.
  • Warranty ensure that you won’t get into any issue with the purchase of this product.
  • Gold platted connectors mean that you can get the best out of it without any issue.

Things we Didn’t Liked

  • Warranty for one year only whereas other brands are offering two years of warranty.

5. Xmate Force Car Aux Cable 

Xmate Force Car Aux Cable

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Nylon braided aux cables are highly impressive and they have a premium in-hand feel that’s why most of the people are preferring them. In the past couple years, nylon braided cables gained a huge popularity due to the built quality and other several other advantages that’s why you can prefer it over the selection of other products which will be a better choice to go after.

The design of the cable is pretty good and you can find that there are two different sizes available in the same. Both sizes are reliable to go after and they are also offering both of them at the same price point which can ensure you the best experience without having any problem. Keep it in mind that this product is also reliable. Mentioning this one at the end doesn’t mean poor quality or anything negative.

  • This cable is ultra strong and highly durable to transmit stereo sound.
  • It is a tangle free cable to provide smooth experience in every single situation.
  • It has a gold platted jack of 24k gold for easier connectivity to your device.

Things we Liked

  • It is one of the cheapest choice as you compare it with the other products.
  • Built quality is really nice and you can expect genuine durability.
  • Two different sizes available in the same for similar price point.
  • Pattern on the cable of nylon is smooth and it has a very premium in-hand feel.

Things we Didn’t Liked

  • Durability is the concern because nylon braided cables last for few months.

6. CZARTECH Nylon Braided 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Cable Stereo Audio Cable

CZARTECH Nylon Braided 3.5mm Male to Male Aux Cable Stereo Audio Cable

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If you want to uplift your music experience then it is better to use this tool. It is one of the best types of tool that is available in the market. The superior gold plated connectors along with the inner cable structures help the user to experience static free music listening experience. It is made with high-quality materials.

  • Very durable and designed for long time use.
  • Made with high –quality materials.
  • Convenient method of listening to music’s.

Things we liked

  • Quite durable in nature.
  • Runs for a long time.
  • Manufactured with best industry connectors.
  • Connects easily with phone and tablets.

Things we didn’t like

  • The design of the tools should have been made much better.

7.  Amkette Car Stereo 3.5 mm Aux Cable

Amkette Car Stereo 3.5 mm

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If you are searching for a device that can help you in the work then it can be the best one. The tool is quite efficient in its work. Even the design of the device is made in a much better way so that it can run for a long time without any disturbances. It comes with 24 k gold plated connectors. There is also a strain free cable.

  • It brings superior sound before the listeners.
  • It comes with ultra durability.
  • The cable can be easily carried from one to another in a hassle free manner.

Things we liked

  • Comes with a long durability.
  • Comes with 24K gold plated connectors.
  • Provides good service to the users.
  • Available with a strain free cable.

Things we didn’t like

  • The mode of operating or handling the tool should have been much better and good.

8. BlueRigger 3.5mm Right Angled Male to Flat Male-Stereo Audio Cable

BlueRigger 3.5mm Right Angled Male to Flat Male-Stereo Audio Cable

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There are many cables that are present in the market but it is probably the best one that can be easily connected with any types of smart phones. Even the mode of operating the same is very simple and easy. It can be easily connected to the portable speakers. All these things or qualities make the product a special one.

  • Can be easily connected with the smart phones.
  • Mode of operation is quite simple.
  • Can be easily connected with the portable speakers.

Things we liked

  • Comes with innovative design that allows the plug to be completely seated.
  • Can be easily connected with the iphone and ipod.
  • Can be easily connected with any type of smartphones.

Things we didn’t like

  • The connecting process should have been made much simpler.

9. AmazonBasics Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable

AmazonBasics Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable

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It is said to be a versatile tool that can be used by the users. The portable cable can be easily connected with any type of iphones and other devices.  It comes with dual shielding and polished metal molding at the same time. The plug can be easily attached with the device.

  • Versatile product that is loved by the users.
  • Portable in nature.
  • Can be easily connected with the iphones and ipod.

Things we liked

  • Connects easily with the smartphone, MP3 players etc.
  • Works conveniently with any type of devices that are connected with it.
  • Gold plated plugs make the whole thing much reliable and friendly.
  • Mode of operation is very simple and can be done by anyone very simply.
  • Provides static free performance.

Things we didn’t like

  • There should be a fixed warranty period for the product.

10. Portronics POR-604 Konnect Aux Audio Cable

Portronics POR-604 Konnect Aux Audio Cable

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It is a specially engineered cable that comes with some extra features and uses. The durability and the superior sound have enabled more and more people to use it conveniently. It can be easily connected with the smartphones and similar other devices. It is also available in three different colors namely grey, golden and silver. The user is free to choose the one that suits them to a great extent.

  • Comes with some extra features.
  • Specially engineered cable.
  • Comes with three different colors and all are beautiful.

Things we liked

  • Comes in a nylon braided material.
  • Can be easily connected with any type of smart phones.
  • Quite compatible with the car stereo.
  • Comfortable to use and provides high performance to the users.

Things we didn’t like

  • The price of the product should have been reduced to some extent.

The Usefulness of Aux Cables  

  • Aux cables are the most useful accessory while you are on the go and in the mood for some music. An aux cable lets you connect your apple or android phone with the sound system of your car or any other vehicle and play songs from your favorite playlist.   
  • These are extremely easy to use. You can play any audio files from any of your electronic devices like your mobiles or tablets. You need to plug in one end of the aux cable into your device and the other end into the given aux cable socket on the dashboard or any other place in your vehicle.  
  • These cables are very small in length. Most of the aux cables have a length of 1 to 3 feet. Carrying it along with you anywhere you want is never an issue. You can even use them with your home theatre by connecting it with your personal computer or Smartphone.     

Types of Aux Cables  

  • 3.5mm   

This is the standard aux cable for the best audio experience. These cables send a converted analog signal. The 3.5mm cable is compatible with portable MP3 players, mobile phones, remote controlled DVD players, portable navigation gadgets, and other devices.   

  • Optical  

The optical cables are higher in quality than the analog ones. They send a raw digital signal. The 3.5mm input and fiber optic input need different connectors and cables. They cannot be used simultaneously on the same devices. Although the optical cables are a better and higher version, they are less common among the users. They are comparatively expensive.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

1) How to install aux cables?   

The process is very much straightforward. The 3.5mm aux cables are commonly used. You just have to connect both ends of the aux cable with your mobile phone or other electronic device and your sound system in your car or house wherever you want to use.  

2) Is Bluetooth better than aux cable?  

No. As far as sound quality is concerned, aux cables can produce better sound quality than Bluetooth. But if your car’s sound system supports USB connectivity, then it is a far better option than both of these.  

3) Which is the best right-angle aux cable?  

According to the popularity among the buyers and their reviews, the EMK Audio Stereo cable is the best right-angle aux cable. Apart from this one, the VibeX aux cable is also very famous in the Indian market.  

4) Will an aux cable fit on the phone with a cover?   

The answer to this question depends on two factors – your aux cord and the thickness of your phone’s cover. Some aux cables come with narrow ends, which will enable it to fit into any mobile through any covers.  

5) Which is the best aux cable in India?  

This entire article features all the best products available in the market of India in 2022. But still, if we have to pick one, the Anker 3.5mm Premium aux cable would be one of the most excellent products available.   

6) Does the length of the cord affect the sound quality?   

No, this should not be any reason to affect the performance. There should be no difference of sound quality between a 3 feet cable and a 10 feet cable.   

7) Does a longer cord directly affect performance?   

The length of the auxiliary cord has nothing to do with the sound performance. In fact, even a 3-foot cord should produce the same sound quality as a 10-foot cord. 

Buying Guide of Choosing Best Aux Cables for You

After going through the such a number of products and their quality factors, you may have a basic idea that what to consider. But, to give you the right perspective, we are mentioning the five key things that you must check to grab the best deal. Let’s get started

  • Jack Size – In these days, you can find types of Aux cable where one end has a 3.5 mm jack and another end has USB-C, micro-USB and a 3.5 mm jack. So you should always consider male to make jack option.
  • Gold Platting – The gold platting on jack will enhance the connectivity and deliver you no noise. Otherwise, poor connectors can cause a slight noise, and it is easy to notice when the music is loud.
  • Material – Many types of materials are used in the manufacturing of aux cable. From nylon braided wires to soft rubber for better in-hand feel, you have to decide the material. We suggest you to avoid nylon braided aux cables which are very cheap because they aren’t durable.
  • Reviews – By considering this factor, you can check that which product is best and why. Most of the time, people are not sure that which cable is right to go after in term of durability. Reviews help you know about in-hand feel, built quality, connectivity and sound related factors.
  • Price – Cheap aux cables can cause a serious damage to your smartphone audio jack. This can cause a serious problem of getting your phone repaired. Once in my life, Connector’s end break in the audio port and then I have to get the phone repaired that’s why to be selective.

These are some major factors which matter a lot that’s why you should not avoid these. Keep in mind that the built quality is a very major factor. Always spend genuine amount, not below that because poor quality products are going to cause problem with your expensive devices and they are very risky to consider as compared to the other choices available in the market.

Bottom Line

Having one year of warranty can ensure the best purchase. More than one year mean that the quality is really good and the manufacturer trust on their product.

So, you can easily consider such products and avoid getting into any kind of issue. hope, this guide will help you grab the best deal and make you never face any problem about the built quality and several other factors.

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