Best Almond Brands in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

In today’s world keeping a healthy lifestyle becomes more of a challenge with each day that passes or new technology introduced. We have very little chances to exercise and are exposed to an array of junk food. On the off chance that you have seen whether it is too free weight or to manage any genuine medical problem, the absolute first thing your social insurance master will let you know is to include dry organic products in your eating routine arrangement.

This rich and crunchy snack isn’t only a decent wellspring of nutrients, it is also a tasty snack for those with a sweet tooth looking for healthy options. There are abundant medical advantages that we will be discussing about almond. In any case, before that, there are some critical realities that you must know regarding the various kinds of almonds that are available to you.

Best Almond Brands in India


Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds,Raw,500g

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Presently you can appreciate the rich taste of Almonds while sustaining your body with Solimo’s most stunning assortment. Solimo gets to you the excellent nature of dry products of the soil.

The almonds of Solimo are very much pressed to keep up its freshness and guarantee that the surface and taste of its products are all around premium quality. The nuts and dry products of Solimo are all around pressed to satisfy your cravings and meet the guidelines of the nourishment. With astute improvement, quality is the best thing that you can appreciate in Solimo almonds and nuts.


  • These are the Premium quality Almonds.
  • It is vacuum packed to keep up the freshness.
  • It is Hygienically pressed to fulfill sanitation guidelines.


  • The packaging adds to its preservative quality
  • It is a certified healthy product.


  • They could do a lot better with disclosing the production specifications.


Tulsi California Almonds,Raw,500g

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This is one of the must-have Almonds that you will taste without a doubt. Loaded up with sustenance, a scrumptious yet crispy section of almond is the best bite to have in your morning meal time.

Almond is a rich wellspring of Vitamin E, copper and even high caliber of protein which is the reason it is encouraged to be consumed by pregnant women and developing children. Also, it is free from gluten and is rich in supplements. This exceptional scope of nuts gets you the most scrumptious assortment of solid alternatives that you won’t hesitate to have.


  • It is 100% regular and best in quality.
  • It is in scrumptious fresh structure.
  • It is a decent wellspring of vitality, copper, and even manganese.
  • This adaptable choice of nuts is without gluten.


  • Very healthy nuts and is even recommended for children and pregnant women.
  • Filled with rare micronutrients and micronutrients.
  • It is gluten free


  • The packaging is not guaranteed to preserve the nuts once opened.
  • You need to spend on other products (like air tight containers) to keep the nuts fresh.
  • It can lose most of its goodness with its freshness.


Happilo 100% Natural Premium Californian Almonds,Dried,200g

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This brand has earned its name and notoriety for the high-quality nature of nuts that it has been putting out. It presents to you a wide scope of dry natural products, solid seeds, dried organic products, merry blessing hampers and trail blends. It unquestionably has satisfied the universal guideline and is said to offer numerous nutritional benefits.

It is known to be an incredible wellspring of fiber and proteins other than individuals who have diabetes or cardio chance must expend it on a normal reason for wellbeing impacts.


  • It is high in protein and fiber.
  • There is no nearness of gluten.
  • This is 100% genuine nuts.
  • It has zero cholesterol and no nearness of trans fat.
  • It contains less glycemic index.


  • It is recommended for diabetic and cardiac patients.
  • It is universally certified as a quality product.


  • The price could well be more affordable.
  • It does not have many pack size variations.


Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds, 1kg

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Vedaka without a doubt has great deals to offer its customers. This organization comprehends the estimation of effective client care and consider customer choice in improving their products. This is the reason the brand accompanies some delectable nutty flavor so you get the incorporated nuts and dried natural products assortment which is very much salted.

With a portion of the new yet tasty scope of firm almonds which have been just aptly salted. When you open it, to keep up its freshness you have to seal it on the impermeable holder.


  • Almonds from Vedika Brand are fresh and Crunchy.
  • They are well packed and pressed in safe material.
  • Almonds are cleanly pressed in to satisfy FSSAI sanitation guidelines


  • The packaging is well-designed to preserve its goodness, in otherwise it can be resealed.
  • They are certified by top sanitation control agencies.


  • Some consumers may not like the salted variety of the almonds.
  • It is not so affordable.


Nutraj California Almonds,500g

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This is an umbrella brand of the organization that has had a lot of experience in dried foods production since it has been on the market since 1926. You can investigate a wide scope of dried leafy foods when you are browsing the aisle shelves with this brand in mind. Other than that, Nutraj products are obviously loaded up with characteristic goodness that you may not discover somewhere else.

The back of the almond is all around maneuvered carefully by the specialists in the brand production centers. It is obviously one sound heart nibble with an immense measure of supplements stacked in it. Other than this is one incredible wellspring of Vitamin E and enemies of oxidants that unquestionably supports the skin. Intended to be an incredible weight reduction arrangement, Almonds from Nutraj is an absolute necessity.


  • Best to be utilized for making treats or pudding.
  • It is wealthy in supplements, and more explicitly magnesium.
  • You get a refined pack for additional freshness.


  • Has antioxidants and Vitamin E and thus is very good and healthy for the skin.
  • It is famed for weight reduction.
  • Can be very well-used for cooking reasons.


  • It is not easily assessable.
  • It is a high budget product.


Miltop California Almonds, 1kg,Raw

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This organization has figured out how to offer probably the best assortment of dry natural products which obviously, you may not discover anyplace else. Their products are recognized by international sanitization agencies for their healthy manufacturing and packaging.


  • You get 1 kg Net Quantity of California Almonds.
  • It is totally protected and sterile.
  • Uniform almond sizes.


  • It comes with a clear package so you get to see what you’re buying
  • It is recommended for children of schooling age because of its physiological benefits.


  • It comes with a non-resealable pack and must be preserved some other way.


WONDERLAND FOODS (DEVICE) California Healthy and Tasty Dry Fruit Nut Raw Almonds -1 Kg

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Wonderland Foods are very popular in the dry foods market with their premium almond production. This brand is known to take time in pressing each nut thus preserving their freshness and preserving the nuts from spoilage while taking care to not destroy the nutrient components in the process. Their dry foods especially their almonds are real 100% Californian grown.

It is one of the most adaptable choice which is known for some dietary focal points and culinary employments. This modest nut is stacked with protein, fiber, nutrient E and even enemies of oxidants.

You should simply douse and broil them or include it in your oats or plates of mixed greens to appreciate the flavorful menu in your morning meal, lunch or supper. Eating them like that is likewise a solid and delectable approach to getting desired nourishment from these almonds It, obviously, is all around pressed and you will have no issue in keeping it outside or in the ice chest.


  • It assists with keeping up the soundness of synapses.
  • It is rich in Fiber.
  • Elective for superfluous yearning.
  • Low in carbs and rich with proteins.


  • It is all around pressed and can be kept inside or outside the refrigerator.


  • They do not have the salted variant
  • They could do a better job with the packaging in order to better preserve it after opening.


Carnival Almonds - 250g

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Carnival Home of Dry Foods is a classy brand of the best packaged dry foods like dates, almonds, and their nuts. Their packaging usually promises higher shelf life for its products, and their almond products have at least a 10 months after production shelf life.

On the chance that you wish to have a rich wellspring of fiber, carbs and even proteins with different supplements at that point, obviously, you ought to pick Carnival Almonds. This is one effective item that is totally stacked with probably the best medical advantages that are essential in sedentary lifestyles. Quality is something that will obviously not get traded off by any means.


  • You get one advanced Paper Pack arrangement.
  • It has vacuum bundling to look after freshness.
  • There is an exceptional hand-chose quality.
  • It is critical for routine sound living.


  • Are known to have many medical advantages for all ages
  • Are recommended for people with inactive lifestyle
  • It has a lovely packaging and is vacuum bundled.


  • It is a high budget product.
  • This product lacks the salted variant.

Buying Guide for Almond Brands

Almonds contain many health and diet benefits, this is why they are considered rich or super food. Whether you want to use almonds as a meal or as a supplement to a meal, there are so many brands of almonds out there and picking one may prove to be difficult especially if you’re fairly new to the almond-buying club or you just can’t find the brand you were used to. Different brands mean different flavors, different sizes, and different tastes. That is why we have listed out what you should take into consideration before you choose what brand of almond to buy.

Flavor and Function: Almonds may come dried, salted, spiced and roasted or they may come raw. Before you go buying almonds, you should already have in mind what you wish to use them for. If you’re not averse to some spice in your almonds just for straight-out-the-bag consumption then you might want to make sure this is part of your options.

However, spiced nuts may not exactly blend into making very good smoothie flavors and this is where the crux of the choice lies. Try to anticipate what flavor would give your desired result. Raw almonds give you versatility because you can be spice it by yourself and have better control over the nutrient contents and the flavoring. Examine the ingredients to know what exactly the manufacturer used to preserve or spice it. You do not want to buy something you are allergic to. Once again, the first question is what do I want to use them for?

Expiration and Longevity: As with any food it is important to ensure that what you’re buying isn’t compromised in terms of quality and packaging. Take your time to examine whether the seal or bag is broken before you then proceed to check if what you’re buying is expired. If this seal is broken then you know you have to return it back and get another one. Unlike some other nuts, almonds are very durable and can last a while before they go bad. This shouldn’t stop you from doing a check because they still contain oils that can expire.

Size and Weight: Some brands have nuts uniformly sized and some other brands have both big and small sizes in the same bag. If you feel the inconsistent sizes can mess up your plans for a topping or you feel like smaller nuts are probably safer for your child to eat then you can choose bearing these in mind. Almonds are actually one of the more expensive nuts out there. Some rank at it as the third most expensive after macadamia nuts and pine nuts. Which is why we advise you do not buy as little as possible.

The nuts are easy to store and dried almonds averagely last up to 3 months after the manufacturing date. So why not save costs (especially if you know you’ll keep eating them) and buy something bigger. While 200g may be nice to take as a snack to work, you can save money by buying a 1kg bag and taking 200g to work every day for five working days.

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